Quality Time

Today Andy took the day off to spend with me.  For some reason he wanted me to actually be around too.  This meant that I wouldn’t be able to go do my normal Wednesday volunteering at the girls’ school.  I love volunteering at the school.  Almost everyone there knows who I am and what days to find me there and exactly where to look for me.  When I leave early for an appointment or take a lunch out of the school, the principal jokingly asks if I’m taking comp time or if I put in to have the afternoon off.

Of course, I would stay home to spend the time with Andy.  There is no question there.  However, I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be going to school.  I emailed all the people that I would normally be spending parts of my day with and then, because I won’t have my regularly scheduled Brady time tomorrow, I told some of the people that I would be in on Thursday.  Hopefully this will not eat up my personal time that I’ve saved up.

Andy and I spent a good part of our day running errands and at appointments.  I know, we know how to have a good time.

We were able to snag about an hour and half of time to sit, relax, talk and watch some television together.  Without a little peanut gallery interrupting, giving their two cents, staring at us, or jumping up on our laps.  Mind you I enjoy when they jump up on our laps and they cuddle with us, but it was nice to have free laps for a bit.

Andy mentioned that it would be nice to spend days like this every now and then.  I agreed.  Of course in the back of my mind I was thinking about the school time that I’d be missing.  But that is just how crazy dedicated I am.

It was a good day.  Even if we didn’t get to spend that much quality time together.


Tomorrow evening Andy and I will be watching our two youngest nieces.  Kaitlynn (age almost 2) and Olivia (age 6.5 weeks) while mommy and daddy run off to a movie.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing them and cuddling with Olivia. (there is no cuddling with Kaitlynn anymore.  She doesn’t sit still long enough.)  I’m also looking forward to playing with Kaitlynn and seeing how much she has changed.  I remember when she was Olivia’s size and I could easily hold her and rock her to sleep.  I was a pro at calming that little one down.  Now, Kaitlynn is a little energy-filled spit fire with her own mind.  This isn’t a bad thing at all.  It is just exhausting.  I’m tired just thinking about it.

My girls will be around to entertain until their bedtime and then it’ll be Andy and I playing entertainers.  I have to say that I really miss not having Kaitlynn around more often and that I wish we could spend a lot more time with both the girls so we have a very close relationship.  I know I’d be a lot more tired after running after Kaitlynn, but seeing that happy little face would be worth it.

For now, I’ll have to settle for seeing them when we can.  I keep meaning to take Kaitlynn alone, but then time goes by and it doesn’t end up happening.  Lives are just too busy.

However, it only takes an offer of a home-cooked meal and to have their babes watched and cared for by Uncle Andy, Auntie Paula, and cousins for a few hours to get the mommy and daddy to make their way over for a visit.  I know the way to sleep deprived parents’ hearts.

Here’s to hoping that I get some pictures taken tomorrow during my Kaitlynn and Olivia time to post up here.  And that Tim and Trina get a little relaxation in at their movie.  (but hopefully see the movie without falling asleep)

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