Hanging out doing what I do best

Kalli is finally over her little cold bug she had.  She is feeling 100% again.

Cassie is not feeling 100%.  Cassie has a headache, sore throat, an ear that feels funny, she is cold, and to top it off… she has diarrhea.  She is having a blast.

I spent a good time of my evening cuddling, feeling her head ,and listening to “I’m hungry.” “I’m not hungry.” “I’m hungry.” “I’m not hungry.” over and over.  She didn’t know what she wanted.  And I am mom so I go back and forth in a little dance without complaint.  I just try to sooth, present food at the right time, and hope that by morning she is better.  I do not like when one of my peanuts is sick.  I don’t like looking into those innocent eyes and seeing misery.  I am a fixer.  And if I can’t fix it the least I can do is take the misery for them.  Since I’m just a mom, though, I’ll be here hovering, rocking, soothing, and caring for my dollies while they pass colds back and forth.

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