NaBloPoMo – Day 5

You see the title of this post?  Yeah, that is what we do when we can’t come up with a name for a post.  Either just put the date or day of NaBloPoMo in this case.  It’s simple, to the point, and requires no thought on my part.  Yes, I’m all about taking the lazy way out if possible.  Unless, of course, I can get out of something completely.  Do I really need to name posts?  From now on, I shall name them all “unnamed”.  This will, however, make it a tad difficult to differentiate between posts, but that is just a detail.  And details are stupid.


Today Cassie stayed home from school.  We went to my mom’s where Cassie lounged on the couch and floor cuddling with me, resting, for part of the day.  Then we headed home and continued our lounging.  It was a very lazy day overall, but I think that it was something that Cassie really needed as later in the day she started to feel a little better.

However, when Andy and Kalli arrived home I headed upstairs to bed.  I had a horrible headache, was cold, and was starting to feel achy.  I took a good long nap and woke up feeling a little better.

I know that I’ve taught the girls to share, but seriously?  I don’t want them to share colds with me.  Somehow they seem to have missed that memo.


We have arrived at the first weekend of NaBloPoMo and this is usually where I have trouble with keeping the posting going.  In past years I’ve been able to keep up everyday, but have had trouble getting Saturday and Sunday done, sometimes having to write pretty late at night when I suddenly remember.

You see, on the weekends I like spending time with family and being involved with things that don’t necessarily revolve around a computer.  It’s unheard of I know, but I do lots of crazy things.  If you are a loyal reader you should know all about the craziness that is Paula.

At any rate, it will be interesting to see if I can get posts in both Saturday and Sunday.  I will surely try.  It would be horrendous to fail the first weekend out.

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