Over 4 years and still going strong

Did you know….I have been blogging since August 2006.  That would be 4 years 3 months.

Kalli was a mere 2 years old and Cassie was still 5 years old.

I find myself in awe of how long I’ve been blogging.  How on Earth have I found that much material to write about?  I have trouble finding daily material lately and now I know why.  I’ve already used it all up!

The first NaBloPoMo that I participated in was in 2007.  That first year I didn’t write every day for the 30 days.  Since then, though, I have completed NaBloPoMo each year.

And for these reasons, I feel pretty good about myself tonight.  Yeah me!

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2 Responses to Over 4 years and still going strong

  1. Mary says:

    OMG I love that picture….that was at my house when they would sit on the stools and color on Matt’s end table! They sure look different now! They are getting so big!!! Tell them to “stop growing”!!

    • Paula says:

      I keep telling them to stop growing. Cassie tells me, “Not going to happen.”
      They really have changed so much though. Yet stayed so much the same.

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