NaBloPoMo – Day 7

Let me start by saying that this is 100th post since I’ve moved to this site.  The old site was a good one, but I do like the tools and other utilities that are behind the scenes on this site better.  And that isn’t even to mention that I was quickly running out of room on the old site.

One hundredth post.  I feel like I should get some kind of medal or at least a public acknowledgment.  Something to stop people and say, “Hey, Paula has posted 100 times on this new site in just 6 months.”  Okay so that ends up being only like 16 times a month…which is kinda of a let down…but I’m going every day this month.  So that counts for something.  Right.  Right?


Today I was on my way home from the store when I heard a commercial that was set to Christmas music.  Now I sorta understand that the stores are putting Christmas stuff out on the shelves.  Halloween is over and we are excited about getting new stuff out.  There is nothing much for Thanksgiving so we’ll just jump to Christmas.  I still find it a little rediculous, but I can see their motivation.

A commercial using Christmas music though?  I double checked the calendar and we are still at the very beginning of November.  Christmas music is just not kosher.  There has to be a line somewhere and I think that line has been crossed by whoever this commercial was for.  Yes, I was paying that close attention to the commercial…I don’t even know what it was for.

Every year Christmas gets started earlier and earlier.  I have nothing against Christmas, but I strongly believe that it belongs after Thanksgiving (and the calendar supports my beliefs)  Why is it companies and advertisers can’t seem to see this point?

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