Missing Blocks

This is what Lightning does each day.  He makes his way from one side of the room to the other sleeping in the sun.  He only wakes to use the bathroom and to move when the sun has moved so far in the sky that it leaves him in the shade.

Oh to be a cat with no worries.  The only worry that Lightning should have is that this picture shows him kind of cuddling with Kalli’s blanket (me-me).  If Kalli sees this I think we will have a very upset girl on our hands.

In the mean time, Brady and Lightning are becoming good buddies.  Lightning just goes and lays by Brady completely trusting him not to beat him too bad.  The impressive part is how good Brady is with Lightning.  He will pet mostly gently with me reminding him and stopping him if he gets too rough.  Otherwise Brady just sits looking at Lightning like he is waiting for Lightning to do a trick of some sort.


Today Brady and I were playing with the Peek-a-Blocks that were originally bought for Kalli when she was a wee babe.  I decided to see if all of the alphabet blocks were still there.  Here is what I found.

There are more missing blocks then there are there.  Are lost blocks comparable to losing your marbles??

Missing alphabet blocks makes spelling anything a real challenge.  Or more appropriately… impossible.  Take for example Brady’s name.  There is no letter “B” so we are left with

Doesn’t quite the same ring to it.

And my name is just plain old sad as there aren’t two “A”s and there is no “U” to be found.  That leaves me just being a “pa l”


In other news, you may or may not have noticed that I made it the whole weekend without forgetting to post.  If you didn’t notice this fact, then wake up because I deserve credit for making it through a weekend.  And yes, I will point out how I do every weekend this month.  Weekends are busy and it gets very hard to remember to sit at the computer.


Jumping back to the subject that I spoke about yesterday for a moment.

Today, while visiting some of the other sites I read at, I found out that there are several stores that are already playing Christmas music.  I am just about speechless at this piece of information.  Come on people, we’ve just passed Halloween.

I like Christmas.  It is high on my favorite holidays list.  However, if we keep starting Christmas things up earlier in the year, people are going to be completely sick of it by the time that Christmas actually does get here.

Alright, I’m climbing down off my soapbox.  For today.

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2 Responses to Missing Blocks

  1. Sara says:

    I totally agree with you and the “Christmas too soon” thing. Kohls puts up their seasonal department mid September, so that by the time Christmas actually comes around I am just ready for it to be over and done with already! A week ago they started playing the holiday music every 4-5 songs. It used to be that it didn’t start until Black Friday!

    • Paula says:

      My point exactly! In my opinion…When Thanksgiving is over they can go crazy with the Christmas thing. That still gives them a month before Christmas. This starting so early just makes people almost sick of Christmas by the time the holiday actually gets here.

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