The Plan

Sunday morning Andy and I went to Happily Ever After in Marion WI to walk dogs for a total of 4 miles.

Monday I walked around carefully as my calves and gluteus maximus screamed at me.  I’m not used to walking that far, but I am starting to work on it.  It is part of my journey to working on some of the items on my Life List.  I am hoping to continue this trend.

Today I took Brady for a 2 mile walk and I’m planning on doing another 2 miles on Thursday.  Hopefully I’ll be able to walk every other day.  Of course, this will be problematic come winter.  I don’t like winter and I’m pretty much a fair weather walker.  I’m considering just walking in the mall when the weather isn’t working in my favor.  Put Brady in the stroller and off we’ll go.

Only other problem comes into play when walking day falls on a Wednesday or Friday.  These are the days that I am at school all day volunteering.  I’m hoping that those days I can walk after school.  Maybe even with one of the kids (riding bike or wheelchair) or we can go all as a family.

I’m really going to try to stick to this and continue my eating better.  With the exception of this past week when I had a fall-off-the-wagon week.  (Damn Halloween Candy)  This is the reason that I’m making it known here on my blog.  I’m hoping that it will serve as a push on the days I don’t want to go.  I’ve already let my loyal readers in on my plan therefore I have to go through with it.

It’s the plan.  And I’m going to try to give you updates from time to time so that you know that I’m still working at it.  Your job….be patient as I drive myself insane when I feel like there is no progress and to stay my loyal readers.  Also…maybe help me stick to it??



Look at me, I’m a walking machine.

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