NaBloPoMo – Day 12

This is being posted a little late, but you’ll have to forgive me.  I was at the hospital with my dad who had to be brought there by ambulance.  And look…still I thought about you guys.  Not sure what is going on just yet with my dad…he is staying overnight for testing.

However….here is a humorous little story.

My mom brought along with her some crocheting to work on.  She starts working on it while we are waiting.  She gets finished with one of the squares she is making and she discovers that she has no scissors.  Neither one of us even had a fingernail clippers.  Funny, right?  Okay…we thought it was hilarious.  We may have been just a little punchy as it was already after midnight.

Story gets better though.  We are getting ready to leave and we ask my dad for his wallet.  He gives us everything in his pocket….his wallet, keys, and a nail clipper.  Hey, could have used that a little earlier.

So yeah…it was much funnier when it was happening.  May have been the fact that we were tired, stressed, and at that point someone could have said almost anything and we would have laughed.  We enjoy life like that.

It is now 4:15am and I’m going to bed.  Til tomorrow…..NAIL CLIPPERS!!!

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