Weekend two of NaBloPoMo – horrendous and over

It’s amazing to me how one weekend can be so exhausting.  I had planned to relax this weekend so that my mouth could heal and we could get things done.  My plans rarely come to fruition.

Friday night I was at my parent’s house for a card-making party.  Andy and I headed home after spending the end of our evening talking and laughing with my dad for a while.

We were home for an hour when my phone rang.  I didn’t recongnize the number so I didn’t answer.  The same number called again.  Again I ignored it. (This is where someone should have kicked me in the head)  Andy’s phone then rang and the same number showed up.  He answered.

“WHAT??”  This is the word that changed my weekend.  Andy was listening and started to grab things to leave.  He ended the phone call, shut the tv, and we flew out of the house.

Adrenaline is an amazing thing.  It can make you so alert that your fingers and toes tingle. It can aslo leave you awake for hours wondering how you are still going.  These both happened to me after we flew out the door.  Andy told me that my dad wasn’t feeling good and that 911 had been called.  He also said that he was driving.  I could feel my fingers and toes tingling on the way to my parents home as I tried to figure out what could have happened.  How could a person go from laughing and talking to needing paramedics within an hour.  I know it happens, but still.  I felt like I could feel every atom of my being as we made our way there.

When we arrived the paramedics were there already talking and trying to help my dad.  My mom was giving another paramedic information, and my mom’s friend that was still there from the party filled Andy and I in on what she knew.

Cassie was there in the living room (she was staying the night) watching television.  It was like she had no idea what was going on.  It was quickly decided that I would go with my mom to the hospital and that Andy would take Cassie home for the night.  We made sure Cassie knew what was going on and it seemed like this was a daily occurrence to her.

My mom and I were at the hospital until 4:00 the next morning.  My dad was admitted.  We went back to the hospital at 11:30, after sleeping for a while.  After waiting around for what felt like forever, we found out that my dad will be okay.  The worst of the diagnoses were avoided and I went home feeling much better about things.

This isn’t to say that things all got better for the weekend.  My dad is still in the hospital, but is on the mend.  I’m still exhausted and have been having horrendous headaches, but will live.  We’re hoping that my dad will go home tomorrow, but either way…he is okay.

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