Smarty Pants

Earlier today I wanted to make a call so I looked for my cellphone, which I knew was in my jacket pocket.  As I went to get it I said, “Where is my phone?”

I made my call and set my phone on a tv tray.  This is what followed:

Kalli: I found your phone
Me: I know….I was just on my phone.
Cassie: You were sitting on your phone?

She is such a little smart alec lately.  She isn’t sassy about it, just very nonchalant about it.  Very matter of fact even.

Later in the evening we stop to drop off a prescription and just Andy ran in.  I did a circle around the parking lot while waiting and as making my way around just out of the blue I said, “No hitting the light poles.”  Kalli jumped in right away and said, “No, not our sweet car.”  “It’s had so many checks.”  I was confused for a moment before she continued.  “Because of when papa comes to check on it.”

Ooooohhhhh.  I get it now.

It is because of these things that I fall more in love with my children every single day.  I mean Kalli still calls marshmallows, mushrooms.  Cassie still calls me momma and can spend hours on the floor with me just talking and laying around wrestling/playing.

I love being a momma.  And I especially love being Cassie and Kalli’s momma.

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