That which will not be spoke of

This morning when I put the girls on bus there was white stuff (whose name shall not be mentioned) falling from the sky.  Although this has happened already a few times this fall, this time was different.  It was more then before and it stuck to my sweater.  Fortunately, it isn’t sticking to the ground yet at all because I don’t think that I could handle that yet.

This white stuff makes Cassie ecstatic.  She has always loved winter and all the white stuff that comes with it.  I think that part of it is the fact that she was born in winter so it is her favorite time of year because she knows her birthday is coming up.  However, she likes to be out in the cold white stuff as well.  This is something that I just can’t get behind.

The bundling up that is required seems like too much work.  And you know that as soon as you get all bundled up, someone will have to go to the bathroom.  Unless they wait until they get out into the white stuff.  Then it seems like  no matter how much you try there is always snow that makes its way up and into snow pants or jackets freezing the skin on contact.  Last year we even went as far as to duct tape where gloves met jacket and where boots met snow pants.  Let me tell you…it was way worth it.  Though it did take a little longer taking things off.

Which brings up the next point against the white stuff.  Once you’ve finished the frolicking in it (which also seems incredibly silly since it is cold and harder to walk in) you come inside where you discover that you are pretty much soaked.  Its no wonder that more people don’t get pneumonia.  The soaked jacket, snow pants, gloves, scarves, hats, boots, and possibly pants, socks, and such need to be carefully dealt with and hung to dry.  Mind you there is always the stray white stuff that has hitched a ride into the house that will now fall off, melt, and leave a cold puddle of water for you to unknowingly step in causing you to look for new socks as well.

All this seems to me like a lot of work. And while the children don’t seem to understand the fact that a lot of work goes into the bundling and unbundling just for a small fraction of time spent outside actually playing, it makes me consider sending the chicas outside in just a long shirt and pants.  It isn’t like they actually spend hours outside anyway.  However, there is that whole pneumonia thing and the fact that people frown upon others that don’t dress their children appropriately for the weather.  They obviously don’t understand the work and time that goes into dressing children appropriate for antarctic temperatures either.

And I haven’t even mentioned what it is like driving in all the ick that is winter in Wisconsin and the fact that it seems like so many people forget how to drive from one winter to another.  It’d be like over filling an ice rink with people that have never skated before and telling them to just go.  No one would know that they should go in a big circle counter-clockwise and that bumping or falling on others is frowned upon.  It would just be a massive mess that includes accidents, gouged bodies, and of course death.  Though I may be exaggerating just a bit.

Now, I’m sure there is the argument that I played out in the white stuff when I was young, but really…I was obviously insane at the time.  I’m now off to make my picket signs against Mother Nature.


Take a look at this picture.

This is a photo that Cassie took at school.  I don’t know about you, but I’m impressed.  I’m thinking maybe she is taking after her momma with the love of taking pictures.  Maybe I should add a nice digital camera to her Christmas list.  Nothing too fancy, but something that she could use that is a little nicer then a kid’s camera.

One last note….Cassie started a blog of her own tonight.  While it isn’t anything over exciting now, I’m hoping that this aides in the learning to type better and her writing skills.  Which, honestly, need work.  Check out her site by clicking here.  We plan on working more on the look over the next week and I’m going to put a link up on the side of my here blog.  She is very excited about it and hopefully this will give her a way to write about things that she thinks about and share some of her thoughts.

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