Today Kalli had a I-need-my-mommy day.  She had stayed at my parents the night before and Saturday I had started Christmas shopping so I wasn’t very available to her.

This morning, though, when I got to my parent’s she parked herself right next to me.  And that is where she stayed for a good part of the day.  On days like this, I truly believe that if she could, Kalli would crawl back inside of me.  She wants to be close, held, and told how much she is loved.  This is all very easy to do, mind you. She is a girl who needs this done at least once a day.  She enjoys this closeness and attention.

On days when I haven’t been around as much, it is like she shrivels a little like a raisin and she needs that closeness again to rehydrate.  Luckily, I am good at rehydrating my little dollies.  Kalli needs the closeness and hugs and kisses.  Cassie needs to hang out and spend some time cuddling and wrestling on the floor.  To me this comparison illustrates their differences and also how kids change as they grow.

Also, I have pictures from my niece’s second birthday to share.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait til tomorrow for that.  Look…it is forshadowing at its best

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