Imagine a sweet little innocent Cassie.  She is a mere 3 years old and, due to her Spina Bifida, just learning to walk.  Her favorite saying is ‘mere’ which was a her way of saying “come here”.  It is at this age that my mom told her that when she was 10 years old we would go to Disney World.  I’ll follow this up with the fact that my daughter has a mind like a steel trap.  She, of course, remembered this and would bring it up from time to time making me wonder what on Earth my mom had been drinking at the time she decided to tell Cassie this.  Seven years before it happening.

Side note: I try not to tell my girls anything exciting that is going on until the day it will be happening.  I don’t really want to hear about it for days and days as they anticipate it and they usually get upset stomachs when they are excited about something for a prolonged amount of time.

Side Note 2: Both my girls have minds like steel traps.  Example: yesterday Kalli looked at what the school lunch would be for today and found that it was homemade chili.  This is the one school meal that she dislikes and will not eat.  I told her that we’d deal with it in the morning as I was hoping that she’d forget and then at least try it again at school.  I should have known better.  Her first words this morning were….and I quote, “Today is homemade chili at school.”  Steel trap people, steel trap.

Moving back to my story.

Fast forward a year and Kalli comes along.  She pretty much found out about Disney while still in the womb.  She has been talking about it since the day that she learned to talk.  (How is it that you spend so much time trying to get your child to talk only to turn around and wonder why you did such a thing?  And why?  Does this kid?  Keep talking? And when is their mom and dad coming home? And why do they keep calling me mom?)

All this is to say that Disney is an event that is very looked forward to in our family.

Next month is Cassie’s birthday and, wait for it, she will be turning 10.  The magical number.  We are starting to plan our trip to Florida now (wherein we equals mainly my mom) and the anticipation is starting to build.

This past weekend, we met with a person who is sort of like a wedding planner, but for Disney instead.  She helps book things, plan what you want to do, and get you the best deals possible.  She seems like a very nice person and having her will make this planning a lot easier, I think.  She’s done this before, she knows the ins and outs, she knows places to suggest or where to get the best bang for your buck.

I think she is going to make this process just that little bit easier for us.  (again wherein us equals my mom)


It is November 22.  Pretty much the end of November.  This is why I was shocked when I heard thunder today and it started pouring.  Soon after it started hailing.  Just another thing showing that Mother Nature is crazy woman.  Someone write this lady a prescription for Prozac please.


A mere 8 days of NaBloPoMo left.  Props for me keeping this going.

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