NaBloPoMo – Day 24

With no school today, I let Cassie have her friend sleep overnight last night.  Today my mom and I took the girls and Cassie’s friend to see the movie Tangled today at one of our local theaters.  Being that it is opening day for the movie, we thought that for sure it would be crazy chaotic.  It was busy, but by no means what we thought it would be.  The movie was funny and one that even I’d like to see again.  The girlies all loved it and came out wound up about it.

When we came out from the movie, there was the white stuff, that shall not be mentioned, coming down from the sky above.  The girls were ecstatic.  Cassie has been looking forward to a day like this since….well, honestly, since last winter.  The girl loves her ‘white stuff’.

Once we home the girls asked to stay out and play in it for a bit.  And since I love seeing them so happy, I let them sit on the front porch and enjoy it for a while before coming in for dinner.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and at this time I am baking 2 pumpkin pies for tomorrow’s lunch at my parents’ house.  The smell of the baking pies is absolutely wonderful and makes me even more excited for tomorrow and the meal.

While I was putting the crusts into their pans, Kalli was watching me.  I cut off the extra dough and set it to the side.  Kalli then asked to play with it.  Her and Cassie did this one other time and ended up passing about 5 hours playing with left over dough.  I told Kalli that she could and she is still playing with it right now.  I love how the littlest things can keep kids busy for the longest.  Kalli is forming it into different shapes and things.  Using that wonderful imagination of hers to come up with things to create.


Cassie is still posting on her blog.  She is posting almost daily and even though it is usually only a mere sentence or two it is something that she looks forward and it is getting her to think of things to say and practice some of those typing skills.  I’m hoping someday that she will want to write more then a sentence or three at a time and that this aides in a love to write.

Today I brought up the fact that maybe next year she could do NaBloPoMo with me, posting everyday for 30 days.  She just shrugged her shoulders and said “maybe”  She obviously is extremely enthusiastic about this idea.  We will see.  I’m just hoping that this is something she keeps up with because it is good for her to be able to write and it is fun to see what is important to her.

For now though, she writes one to three sentences before having me check it and post it.  I’m checking her writing to be sure that she isn’t posting about something that is too personal or giving out information that she shouldn’t.  I’m trying to instill the importance of safety online.


Tonight I was talking to Andy about the fact that I’ve been doing a very good job lately of not having any soda.  In fact I haven’t had one all week and only had one over the weekend.  I’m impressed with myself…let’s just say that much.  As I was telling him this, Kalli was standing next to us and patted me on the shoulder and said, “good job!”

I have my very own personal cheerleader here, ladies and gentlemen.

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