Love shows up in the smallest thing

I woke this morning to this on the kitchen window.

Guess it is time to put up the plastic on the windows.

Not feeling the best, I laid down a few hours later.  Andy woke me up at 1:00.  I can’t believe the fact that I slept that long.  I still didn’t feel much better, but just the same I got up and headed downstairs.

As I came into the living room, I noticed it.  Everything was picked up, cleaned, and vacuumed.  Andy had cleaned everything while I was sleeping.  He had cleaned up the living room, done the dishes, and straightened the kitchen.  It wasn’t that much needed to be done, but it was the fact that he knew I wasn’t feeling well, so he did it while I slept.

Normally on the weekends we clean together.  The fact that I wasn’t feeling good and he had done this for me made me actually tear up.  I know it sounds silly, but it just made me so happy.  It is moments like this that prove that I married the right man.  And I love him more today then I did the day I married him.


Christmas lights are up and the time is right.  Christmas music can now start being played officially.

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