NaBloPoMo – Day 28

I’m suffering from some serious writers’ block.  I have no idea what to write about.

I could write about the fact that we had Thanksgiving with Andy’s family today  However, it was pretty uneventful so I’m not sure what I would say or how I would try to make it sound entertaining.

I could write about the fact that we lost power today for 2 hours…though we weren’t home for most of it because we headed to Andy’s parents’ house.  It wasn’t very exciting though since we weren’t even home for it.  I can say that the girls were very confused about it.  They kept asking if things would work.  Kalli wanted to know if the toilet would work.  Cassie wanted to know if the laptop would work.  Yes toilet works without electricity.  Laptop will work until battery dies and then you are out of luck.

I find it interesting how you don’t even seem to notice what you do everyday that uses electricity.  For example…both Andy and I tried to turn on at least one light and looked around when it didn’t turn on until it hit us.  Duh!  I also tried to open the garage door.  I hit the button more then once before I realized it.  Duh again!

Fortunately the power is back on.  Otherwise it would be difficult to be posting right now.  Though I do have a application on my phone to post from.  I would definitely be in bed though.  It is dark out and when it is dark you sleep….right?  Right?

PS  2 days left of NaBloPoMo left.  And yes, I’m counting.

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