I made it! I made it! I made it!

Silence, please.  Silence on the set.  I have an announcement.

For those of you that haven’t been paying attention, have been hiding under a rock, or just plain old don’t care, it is the 30th of November.  To most this means that it is the last day of November or the day before December begins.

To me, however, it means that I’ve accomplished my goal of posting for 30 days in a row and that I no longer have to worry each night about coming up with something to write about.  You have no idea the pressure that is involved with being expected to write every night.  Most nights I was confronted with the fact that nothing blog-worthy had happened during the day and that I had to pull something “out of my butt” to write about.  This isn’t easy as I have no idea what to write about and posting about random things seems odd.  Though I do think I need to get better at writing about subjects that aren’t day to day.  Expand my comfort level some.

I did manage to come up with something to put up every night though and now I may take a month off…or so.  My brain needs to heal after all the stress put on it.  I mean, hello, I posted when my dad went to the hospital and I posted when I was so sick last night.  I deserve some kind of reward.  Agreed?  Agreed?


In other news, tonight we attended our second annual pumpkin dumping.  Last year we brought our pumpkins out to the local yard waste center about this time of year just before dusk.  As we tossed the pumpkins out of the car deer began to come closer to eat the freshly dumped pumpkins.  We were all excited about this so we got in our van to watch.  More deer came out from the woods and brush and the girls were in aww.  We told them that they had to stay quiet and move very slowly.  We spent quite a bit of time whispering and watching.

This year we were pumped.  We loaded up the pumpkins and girls as soon as they were off bus.  We headed to the yard waste center and there was a buck waiting and watching as we tossed the pumpkins out of the van.  Then we settled into our seats and watched.  At one point the closest deer, a buck, was between 10-15 feet away from the van.  We started out with the one buck and it seemed that once he was sure it was safe, the other deer started to come out.  First more bucks, then a few doe, and lastly two fawns.  In all, Andy counted 10 deer at one point.

The deer didn’t seem very spooked by the couple extra cars that came into the lot, although the doe did back off with the fawns until they were more sure of the situation.

The girls were awestruck yet again and it just cemented the fact that we need to make this an annual event.  Being able to see the deer out of enclosures and whisper about what we see and answer the girls’ questions is priceless.

Side note: It is incredibly hard to take a nice non-grainy and clear picture at or after dusk.  I, of course, am not good at this and not prepared.  A tripod would have helped enormously. Or deer that would hold a pose. Either way…here are two of the pictures I got.

Also…I’d like to point out to my cousin – I know my aunt will pass this on to him. (hi Matt)  I saw and shot (with my camera) a deer with a bigger rack then you got.  Sure he isn’t out in the wild, but I thought about you when I was getting the pictures.  🙂

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2 Responses to I made it! I made it! I made it!

  1. Mary says:

    LOL He said he has better pictures from his camera in the woods by his bait pile he will show you…..thers is no winning with Matt!!

  2. That was awsome when we saw the deer and two fawns I have never seen a real live fawn:)

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