Bring it on!

This was suppose to be posted last night, but I guess I forgot to hit ‘publish’.  Oops

The plastic winter-draft-protector stuff is on the windows and the snowblower has been started to make sure it is good to go.  Winter, let’s rumble.  Wherein, by rumble, I mean please don’t hurt me and if you could stop making the white stuff come down until next winter I’d be appreciative.  At which time I will, of course, ask for the same again.

Sure, I may be better off if I were to move to a different climate, but then what would I complain about?  Besides the fact that I don’t want hurricanes, sand storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, lizards in the house or huge icky spiders within a 50 mile radius of me.  So I’m picky, what can I say?


It is snowing out.  Actually it is blizzarding out.  (is blizzarding a word?  It is  now.)  The snow is coming down at a rapid rate and seeing down to the corner is pretty hard to do at this time.  However, it is actually pretty nice outside.  It isn’t all that cold and the wind isn’t biting.  I went out to survey things and to shovel some.  I like to shovel at night and get outside when it is snowing to breathe and look around.  I find it sort of calming.  Especially when there isn’t a ton of snow to shovel.

There was already about 4-5 inches on the ground at 9:00pm.   I only shoveled 3/4 of the driveway before calling it quits.  I’ll pull out the snowblower in the morning.  From what the weathermen say, it is suppose to snow all night.  Predictions for my area are anywhere from 10-18 inches.  My children are ecstatic and have already asked if they can go outside when they wake up.  Who needs breakfast anyway.  I told them “We’ll see.”

This is one of the things I say when I don’t want to say yes or no.  Or when I don’t want to deal with it at this very moment.  Like when the girls are anxious about an appointment that is a month out and they have somehow overheard about it.  I tell them “we aren’t going to talk about it right now because it won’t change the outcome.  We will talk about it when it is closer or that day is here.”  I also tell them, “We’ll talk about that tomorrow”, when they are asking for something that they want tomorrow.  Such as  them asking if they can have candy tomorrow.  My theory is, why worry about something today that you can wait til tomorrow to worry about it.  Well, that and sometimes I don’t want to say yes or no to the kids so I put it off…secretly hoping that they forget about it.  Hey, don’t look at me a self-righteous.  Sometimes it works.

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