December 16. 2010

We are busily counting down to Christmas over here.  We are down to 8 days until Christmas.

Yes, I realize the number of boxes on our countdown isn’t correct, but I took this photo earlier this week.

The girls are ecstatic and Cassie reminds me on a daily basis that one day before Christmas is her birthday.  Her 10th birthday.

Really…I don’t think I’m old enough to have a 10 year old.  I mean, obviously, I am old enough.  I did carry the little nut around for 8 months inside me, throwing up the entire time.  Yet, 10?  Really?  When did that happen?

This weekend we have a lot planned.  I’m going to finish up Christmas shopping (hopefully), wrap everything, visit Santa, possibly go to the “Garden of Lights”, and make Christmas cookies and candies.  It’ll be jam packed full and I’ll be happy to get back to the weekdays when I can relax some.

This pretty little ornament is sparkly and lives on my tree 🙂

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