December 24, 2010


I’ve called Cassie my “first ever baby” since Kalli was born.  I couldn’t really call her my baby still because now I had two babies.  How could I differentiate the two?  So I started Cassie my “first ever baby” and Kalli was my “last ever baby”.  Because that is what Kalli is.  My. Last. Ever. Baby.  I am not having anymore kids.  I love the ones that I have and, honestly, I’m fine with just living vicariously through other people’s children now.

Let us not forget how horribly sick I was with my two bambinos.  I lived on Zofran to keep from throwing up everything, at 8 months pregnant I was finally up to my pre-pregnancy weight, and my body disagreed with being pregnant all together.  May I remind you that I almost ended up on bed rest with Kalli and with Cassie the ligaments in my hips were starting to let go way before they should for childbirth.  This left me wearing a heavy velcro belt to keep myself from falling apart.  Literally.

Digressing… My “first ever baby” is 10.  I’m really not sure how we got to this point.  It must be that darn worm hole.

This morning we took Cassie to her annual birthday breakfast.  Every year on her birthday (Christmas Eve) we go to Country Kitchen for breakfast first thing in the morning before we begin partaking in the Christmas festivities.  It is the one thing that we do for her on her birthday…along with her getting a single gift from my mom at breakfast.  Everything else, birthday related, waits til January so that she can have her own day.

There were 13 people (including the 4 of us) that came to her breakfast and to say that she had a good time is an understatement.   Summary: She is a very loved little lady and now she is 10.  Ridiculous.  I mean…10.  Crazy.  I’m not ready for a 10 year old.  Oh yeah….I have no choice in this…whatsoever.


Onto Christmas related things.

Every year on Christmas Eve we get together and in the evening we open gifts to one another.  By we, I mean the four of us, my parents, my brother and his wife.

This year, I decided to let the girls have one gift ahead of time.  Mainly because I’m an awesome mom.  Also, I knew they were going to get a big gift later in the day and I wanted them to enjoy our gifts a bit.

Wondering what their big gift is?  Let me start by saying that my children are spoiled and extremely lucky kiddos.

Meet Zoe.  The newest member of our family.  She is a Pug/Boston Terrier Mix (aka Bugg), 6 months old and she is from my brother, Tony, and his wife, Kelli.  She is for Cassie and Kalli, but you better believe that Andy and I are in love with her already.  She is adorable, cuddly and already has won us all over.

I’m hoping to get better pictures of her, but I tried getting some taken tonight.  Imagine a dog that is only 6 months old and is not interested in or used to staying still.  It isn’t very easy.  But I did what I could.  Look at me being all photographer and working with what I have.

At the end of all the excitement of being a puppy and moving to a new family and home, she was exhausted.  She curled up on the floor by me and went to sleep.  She never even moved when I got up.

And, furthermore, she is sleeping on Andy at this very moment.  Snoring.

Needless to say, we had a very nice Christmas Eve.  I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas Eve as well.  And in case I don’t get to post tomorrow….I will try though.


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One Response to December 24, 2010

  1. Sara says:

    Happy birthday to Cassie! What a cute little dog you have too! I love pugs, but I didn’t know they could be mixed with a Boston Terrier. She looks mostly like a pug with a bit longer legs I guess? I’ve heard of Puggles (pug/beagle mix), but not Buggs. Where did Tony find her? Merry Christmas to you and your family Paula!!!

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