The day after

Look around and you can see the carnage that is Christmas with children.  Every parent out there surely knows what it is that I’m referring to.

The craziness that Christmas brings is now winding down, though it won’t be over completely until the kids are back in school next week.  The picking up and finding places for all of the new items has begun. I’m not sure what it is about Christmas that turns kids into little wired monsters, but each year is pretty much the same.

Maybe it’s the wrapping paper.  They see it and it makes their minds warp into one track, present-opening, freaks.  In the heat of the moment, I’m not even sure they take in what it is that they are unwrapping.  It is just the motions of tearing.  Once the high has worn off, they will sit in a daze looking at their loot wondering what has happened and where it has all come from.

Slowly they will pick their way though the aftermath discovering what they have just unwrapped. As a parent, I find it hard not to to think about how tranquilizers should be introduced prior to Christmas and that they should be given regularly until after the holidays.  Though I’m not sure who these tranquilizers should be given to – the kids or us parents.

Time is spent reminding our children to say “thank you”.  I have a hope that some day I will not have to remind so much.  Though I don’t see it happening during the Christmas season…the kids are too busy on a sugar high induced by Christmas music, Santa sitings, and the buzz that is created by just knowing that it is ‘that’ time of year.

This Christmas was no exception.

Over all it was a good holiday.  It found the four of us in good health with a roof over our heads, food to fill our stomachs, and family to be with.  We are fortunate and we all know it.

I, personally, had my moments this Christmas.  Holidays are harder when you deal with depression of any kind, no matter how controlled it may seem.  Holidays bring along expectations, family drama, and -for me- more anxiety then I care to have on my plate.  I don’t deal well with any of the previously mentioned things.  In fact, there were a couple times this weekend that I really wanted to dive back under the covers of my bed and hide until it was over.  I didn’t though.  I dealt with things as much as I could and moved on.  I kept a saying in my head that my psychiatrist has hanging in his office… “It is what it is”.  I do what I can do and try to be at peace with it.

I hope that you enjoyed your holiday and spent it being merry and surrounded by loved ones.

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