December 30, 2010

First things first.  Today is my Sister-in-law’s birthday.  I need to put out my birthday wish for her.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KELLI!!


For the last few days Kalli has been running a fever.  This fever starts out in the morning at an average of 102.7.  You can tell that she isn’t feeling well because she just lays on the couch and doesn’t want anything to eat for breakfast.

I give her a dose of Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen and within 30 minutes she is back to her normal self.  Some days, by the afternoon her temperature would begin to climb a bit again, but most days she’d be fine after the day got started.

Yesterday morning, she woke up at my aunt’s house and was only running a low grade fever.  She was getting on fine with her day until afternoon.  That is when she threw up.  She ended up throwing up twice and then was absolutely fine for the rest of the day.  She played and was bouncing around just like her normal self.  You’d never know that she was sick earlier.

Cassie is the same way.  She’ll spike a fever in the evening or in middle of the night.  A fever of say 104.6 degrees (I’m not even over exaggerating on the temperature there) possibly throwing up and then she’ll wake up in the morning absolutely fine.  You would never know that just a mere 12-14 hours prior she was shivering, practically burned your skin when you touched her, and a complete mess overall.

The point of my story (bet  you were wondering if there was one) is that children (mine in particular) are completely unpredictable.  Also, Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen are way overpriced when you have to give a dose daily for several days in a row.  Sure it works well, but the price still makes me want to cry silently into my pocketbook.


Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.  And, of course, the following day is 2011.  It is unbelievable to me how quickly 2010 went by.  I feel like I just got use to writing 2010 and now I have to move onto 2011.  It’s just a little on the surreal side for me.

There were a couple years that Andy and I went out to celebrate New Years, but now it just doesn’t sound as much fun to stay out late and be tired the next day.  Because, hello, there is no sleeping in when you are a parent.  Just being sick is bending the rules.

Besides there was that one year I had quite a bad hangover because of a free bottle of cheap champagne (I don’t quite remember drinking it all, but Andy says that I did.  I think someone drank it on me and left me with the empty bottle.  *Hey…where’d my champagne go?*)

Now we are more into the staying home, watching the ball drop in NY which is at 11:00 our time, and head to bed to get some good rest.  There is no worrying about driving among the masses or how you’ll feel the next day.  We get to stay warm and get to sleep earlier.  For some reason staying up all night…or even late for that matter…doesn’t appeal to us as much.  I think we may be getting old.

As for the girls, they spend New Years Eve at my parents’ house.  It has become somewhat of a tradition.  They spend the night there and before I leave New Years Eve I tell them that I’ll see them next year.  They shake their heads and I’m sure they think about how crazy their mom is.


I wanted to post a couple pictures.  The first is of the girls and their new puppy, Zoe.

The girls are in their Christmas outfits.  I’m thinking I need to get their pictures done professionally with these outfits because I love how they look in them.




Then there is Kalli and the space in her mouth that use to be filled with a tooth.  Yes, she lost her first tooth.  My bay-bee!  She was scared at first, but once it was out and she knew that she had survived, she was dancing around the house.

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