Welcome 2011

The upstairs bedrooms and bathroom are officially clean.  It has taken a bit…mostly since I have no ambition lately.  However, my girlies want their puppy to be able to sleep with them at night instead of the puppy being kept in my bedroom where I could watch her better.

Before I could let Zoe in by the girls, all the stuffed animals had to be picked up and put away.  Namely the tons of Webkinz the girls have.  Hey, those things are expensive!  Fortunately they have a ‘toy room’ in the finished part of the basement so their room wasn’t horrible to get under control.

Andy and my room is another story.  Mind you things were off the floor, but things needed to be straightened and the bathroom needed to be reconfigured.  My room is the drop zone.  Not sure what to do with things?  Bring it up to the bedroom.  At least most of things.  I think that my room gets neglected the most because it is upstairs, no one sees it, and hey….it is just my space. (side note: in case you didn’t know this already, I put myself last.  In everything.  I have a very hard time putting me first because it makes me feel selfish.  And I don’t want to feel selfish.  It seems like the worst thing I could do.  I have no idea where this came from.  Maybe it has to do with the bipolar, ADD, anxiety, or OCD.  All I know is it is how I am.)

Anyway, this evening Andy and I finally finished up straightening and going through most everything upstairs.  I vacuumed extra good because Zoe likes to go around with her nose to the ground smelling for anything that she might be able to put in her mouth.  She is good about dropping whatever she has when told to, but she is like a toddler with how she puts everything in her mouth.  She finds every piece of anything that happens to be on the ground and I keep saying she is like a little Dirt Devil.  It’s easy to forgive this little flaw though.  She is so darn cute, fits in so well, and the girls adore her.

Digressing, tonight Zoe will be able to have full access to the entire upstairs.  We will use a baby gate at the top of the stairs to keep her up there, but otherwise she is free to sleep where she wants.  Kalli is really hoping that it is with her though and I hope so too.  It would be nice to have my room back to myself.  Only time will tell.


I’m thinking that this year I will make resolutions.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to share them on here, but I’ll say that most of them have to do with either adding to or checking things off my ‘life list’.  Well that and I’d like to make it through another year with as few bumps as possible.  No major illnesses, broken bodies, or bad life altering things.  Usually I like to take things day by day…making it through one day at a time.  But my long term goal is to make it year by year.  Yup.  Goal: Make it to 2012 without too much pain and/or agony.

Have you made resolutions?  Willing to share?

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