Hammers ready?

Get ready to break open your piggie banks ladies and gentlemen.  It’s just about Girl Scout cookie time.  That time of year that everyone loves and hates at the same time.

You know, they should really put Girl Scout Cookie time before New Year’s Resolution time.  It would work out so much better for everyone involved.

January 21, 2011 is the date to count down til and my girlies are counting down.  Kalli was looking at the prizes she could earn and decided that she really wants to make it to the 400+ boxes sold mark.  The prize at that point is a fabric-type purse.  Mind you still still gets all the prizes that come before that too, but still… it’s a fabric-type purse.  For selling 400+ boxes.

Funniest part came when she said that it would be hard to do that in one day.  ???  I informed her that she had about a month to sell the cookies and she decided that would be easy and she could probably sell enough to get the prizes all the way up to the 1500+ boxes mark within the month time frame.  She is obviously living in completely different world.  One where people don’t have money woes or health concerns.

I don’t know what kind of goals Cassie has for this year, but they can’t compare to the little Kalli Jean’s.

So mark January 21 on your calendar and be prepared to be met by Kalli.  She will be the one with the sweet little smile eying your pocketbook.  No matter who you are.

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