Packer Fever

Best thing uttered today:

Kalli (on the way to my parents today) – Is tonight when the Packers beat the Bears?

Andy and I chuckled quietly and told her that it wasn’t tonight but Sunday instead.  She insisted that school had said that it was tonight.

They had spirit day at school today and some of the classes had parties.  At the beginning of the day they played a Packer song and at the end of the day the principal came over the loud speaker to wish everyone a good and safe weekend and ended by saying, “Go Pack Go”.

Kalli has it in her mind that the Packers will win.  There is no question or even a glimpse of a chance of anything else happening.  I love that little girl.  I just worry about what may happen if the Pack doesn’t win and the meltdowns that will ensue.  The ones that I’m referring to are from Kalli….not the rest of the city.

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