My kids are comedians

My children are hilarious!  Some of the things they say either leave us laughing until we are almost crying or stifling our laughter because we are trying to discipline or it shouldn’t be funny.  Either way, the girls have been a hoot lately and I have to share a few from the last couple days.


Yesterday the girls came home with their ‘Marathon of Knowledge’ questions.  These are 100 questions that come in a packet that each student needs to memorize for a test day about a month out.  They raise money for the school and try to do the best they can on the questions they are given (each grade gets a different packet of questions).

I started going through Kalli’s questions with her and for the most part she knew everything.  There were a couple though that her answers left me giggling.

Q: How does a fish breathe (A: with its gills)
Kalli: Blubb

Q: Name the 5 senses. (A: touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing)
Kalli: Penny, nickel, dime…
I then interrupted and told her that it wasn’t referring to money, but to the 5 senses that people have.
Kalli: Oh…..

Cassie’s questions, of course, were harder.  Seriously, some of the questions I don’t even know the answers to.  She struggled but there were a few funny answers thrown in there…though funny isn’t what she was going for.

Q: Where in the library are the dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases and almanacs? (A: Reference section.)
Cassie: The computer

In all honesty, I knew the answer, but my first thought was also internet.  Amazing that kids barely know what a reference section is.  She also got caught up on the question of who invented the number system that nonfiction books are arranged by.

Q: What are guide words in a dictionary? (A: 2 words that tell what the first and last words are on that page)
Cassie: Words…..that….er….guide you??

I just shake my head with some of the answers and jot down the answers they give me so I could share them with you.


Today, on the way home from Cassie’s school conferences, the girls were asking what was going to be for supper.

Me: I think we are just going to do frozen pizzas
Cassie: Ewww
Kalli: Yum
Me: Cassie, you like pizza.
Kalli: yeah.  We like pizza
Cassie: usually, but not when it is frozen.

Look, my kid is a comedian!


I tried burning down my home today.

I had cleaned the stove top, burner pans, around the knobs, and under the top in that area that the burner pans sink into.  You know…the area that everything falls into and therefore looks like crap.  I put the cast iron pot that I have in the oven to store and went downstairs to change laundry loads.

When I came up there was smoke coming out of the vent from the oven.  I notice that the broiler is on.  I turn it off and try to figure out why it was smoking and didn’t smell very good.  Then I remembered the cast iron pot with the rubbery handle on top.

I opened the oven to look and a flame came out.  Nothing that singed anything, but one just the same.  I slammed the door shut and may or may not have sworn.  Andy and the girls were now wondering what was going on.  I grabbed baking powder and put some in a bowl to toss in the oven.  Cassie said to use water.  I opened the oven again.  There was still fire, but it didn’t come out of the oven.  I tossed the baking powder in, but of course it didn’t cover the fire enough.  Again I shut the oven.

I took Cassie’s suggestion and tossed a small bowl of water into the oven. (ps…I praised her afterward for knowing to put water on it and for not freaking out)  It put the fire out.  Yeah!  I pulled the rack out and grabbed pot holders.  I asked Andy to open the back door and I took the smoking pan out the back door and stuck it out on the cement porch to smell up the outside and cool.  I came in, closed the oven, cracked the front and back doors a bit to help with smoke and smell, and had the girls go downstairs where it didn’t reek horribly.  I’m sure that smell isn’t good for their health…at least it doesn’t smell like it would be.

The place still smells horrid, but there is no fire.  And on the positive side, my stove top looks pretty awesome.  My oven, though, contains baking powder and needs to be cleaned. Ugh!


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2 Responses to My kids are comedians

  1. Sara says:

    On a positive note about the baking soda in your oven, just add a little water to it to make a paste and use it to scour the oven!

    • Paula says:

      Very true. Though it us a self cleaning oven. I’m still going to have to wipe it out first.
      If only I could find an easy way to get the stench of burning rubber out of the air now. 🙂

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