This past weekend the girls both went to a sleepover. The theme of this sleepover/birthday party was ‘crazy hair and pjs’. The girls were overly enthused about the theme of this party and were coming up with tons of ideas about what we could do to their hair. Neither seemed too concerned with the pjs part of the crazy party and in fact Kalli just wore regular pjs.

We were getting ready for the party and I set to creating crazy hair. Let me just say that I kept things toned down as I didn’t want to deal with complaints that heads hurt or do anything that they wouldn’t be able to sleep in and on. There were so many things I could have done.

Cassie had a mohawk of ponytails down the enter of her head and I teased them all up nicely. After a little bit, the teasing in her hair started coming out because her hair is so healthy and I because didn’t want to use hair spray. (Side note: I don’t think we even own hair spray) I decided to leave it til right before we went to the party.  The fact that the party was a mere 3 blocks away meant that the hair would make stay crazy until we got there and everyone saw it.  Before we left I teased it up real good and off we went.

Cassie is starting to look too mature in pictures.
She looks more grown up then she is and I don’t think I like it.

Kalli had a plan she wanted for her hair. And in regular Kalli fashion she knew what she wanted and was determined that she was getting that.  No ideas swayed her whatsoever. She wanted small piggy-tail type things in front and then two more ponytails in the back. I abided and then teased them up some as well to make them look a little more crazy. With her thin hair teasing didn’t work out so well.  As in not at all.  It fell out immediately.

I didn’t get any pictures of just Kalli due to the fact that she was running and jumping around like a little monkey.  She was excited and all over the place.

The party was a hit and both the girls came home absolutely exhausted.  As shown here.

And me?  I’m looking forward to the next crazy hair day at school.  I may even purchase some hairspray for the occasion.

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