Backing the Pack

We are T minus 17.5 hours until the Super Bowl.  Usually I’m not overly excited during the Super Bowl, I mainly watch for the new ads and commercials that are put out, but I don’t really back one team or another.  This year though the Packers have made it into the Super Bowl and I feel the need to back the Pack.

I’m not a die hard fan, but I’m proud of the Pack and how much they help the economy of Green Bay.  Without them, who knows… we’d probably be some ho-dink little city that no one has ever heard of.  Sure the Packers are owned by their fans, but the city is pretty much run by the Pack.  Our worlds seem to revolve around them.  For example: On Monday schools have been given early releases because there will be increased traffic as people and the team make their way back home.  In the letter from the school informing us of this change they stated that if parents wanted to pull their kids from school for Monday or Tuesday it would count as a ‘family vacation’.  It is expected that most kids won’t be there on Monday since the game is later on Sunday.

School schedules are changed for our team.  When my brother was younger and in soccer, a tournament game was rescheduled due to a conflict with a Packer Game.  I am both weirded out by all of this and in awe at the same time. Back in ’97, when the Pack won their last Super Bowl, schools were canceled for celebration.  I guess they knew that no one would show up, therefore they did everyone a favor by not having everyone have to call in.

I’ve lived in Green Bay my entire life.  Born, raised, and will probably die here.  I’m comfortable and not one for seeking change.  It is just who I am.  And yet, in all my years living here, I’ve never owned anything Packer.  No shirts, jerseys, hats, sweaters….  nothing.  (the girls have jerseys…and I’m not sure how they would have gone without them.  they love their jerseys)  Today Andy helped me change that.  We bought jerseys for each of us and t-shirts for both the girls to wear tomorrow.  We made sure that there was nothing specifically saying anything about this Super Bowl on them so that we can wear them whenever we want.  After Sunday’s game we may look into buying other shirts depending on how we do.

I even purchased a green bandanna today that we will put on Zoe tomorrow.  I’m trying to locate face paint or watercolor pencils so the girls and I can do each others’ faces and gear up for the game. (you have no idea how many stores are out of face paint…everyone is doing the same thing, obviously)  I’m letting the girls get all done up, decorate me, and we will meet Tony and Kelli out for some food and to watch at least part of the game together.

I’ll try to take some pictures… at least of the girlies all decked out.  Hope that everyone enjoys watching the game (if you watch it) and stays safe.


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One Response to Backing the Pack

  1. Sara says:

    I too, have just bought my first Packer item (a shirt BTW) and I also was born and raised here, with a brief stint in Waukesha. I’ve never been to a Packer game, and only went to Lambeau for the first time in 2009 because I heard that David Cook was going to be there when he came to town for a concert. 🙂

    Glad they won, but it feels a little surreal yet.

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