Happy Valentine’s Day!!

This post is not going to be very long.  It is already 10:00 and I have been sick so I’m not sleeping well.  In fact, I haven’t been able to sleep with my CPAP on for 3 nights now.  This is leaving me exhausted.

Friday Cassie came home with a package all wrapped up in paper making it look about the size of an swaddled infant.  I couldn’t imagine what it was.  She carefully unwrapped it layer by layer and held up for me a piece of art that I was overjoyed to see.

I remember making my own clay creations in school.  And, I also created a pouch like piece that my mom still has.  I was so excited and proud of her piece of art that I immediately grabbed a nail, hammer, and my camera.

Am I overly excited?  Probably.  But I remember how proud I was of my piece when I made it and how much fun it was to see it up on the wall.  I couldn’t help but carry some of that over to Cassie.  She enjoyed it too.


Saturday morning I slept in some and when I woke up I found that Andy had run out to get doughnuts for Cassie, himself, and me.  I came down and went to get my breakfast from the kitchen and found this…

Flowers, picked out by Andy, thought of by Andy, and surprising me a couple days before Valentine’s Day.  All I could do was to gape at them and hug Andy, thanking him over and over.  Andy isn’t the romantic type, though he does try from time to time.  The flowers made my day and today I took time to trim the stems a little more and pull a few of the flowers for a separate vase that I can keep on my desk and look at them throughout the day.

The colors and smells are so beautiful.  And, as you know, I love to take pictures of flowers and nature.  Therefore, here is one that I took.  The color and size is just amazing to me.  Sure the color isn’t real, but still….pretty.


This summer we will be going to Florida for a vacation with my parents.  This is the topic of many conversations lately and as the time gets closer the excitement builds.  This weekend I was shopping with my mom when I saw this little guy.

Everyone knows the Travelocity Gnome.  I saw him and decided that I HAD to get him.  He had to come to Florida with us.  I had to take pictures of him throughout our trip enjoying things with us.  Then my mom informed me that we had booked through Travelocity.  Perfect!!

Thing is, this guy is now hanging out at my home getting to know us and us him.  We’ve been discussing the itinerary and about possibly taking some pictures around here to get him used to being in the camera’s eye.  I asked him his name and found out that, sadly, he doesn’t have one.

The girls and I are planning on coming up with something, but I want to put it out there for you, my public, to give me your thoughts on a name for him.  Something not too ordinary but something that will fit him.  Tell me your thoughts in the comments please.  Maybe I’ll even put up a poll once I have some names pulled together.  The girls and I would really appreciate the help.

What name would you like to see on our Gnome?

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3 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  1. Becky says:

    Sven…or Olav Spiridakou (there’s a gnome name generator on the web…in case you need to fill your time!)

  2. Sara says:

    Ha! I had to laugh at the gnome because I was going to tell you how we named our lawn gnome before you even asked to help name it. We have a little guy that Aaron got from his brother one year for his birthday. We named it Cornelius since we lived on that street at the time and it seemed to be a fitting name for a gnome. Then last year my mom bought us a little friend for Cornelius, so we named him Irwin since that is the street we now live on. I don’t know the street you live on, but that could be a help to you for a name.

  3. You should name it Gnomeo fron the movie(:

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