Why yes, I have missed you.

I’ve been a slacker.  Like…really a slacker.  I’ve gotten completely out of the habit of posting.  November for NaBloPoMo I succeeded in posting every day.  Now though?  Not so much.

I’m trying though.  You may not see it, but I am working on it.  I come up with things to post about, but by the end of the day when I sit down to post I can’t remember what it was that I wanted to write about.  My brain has turned to mush.  It may even be oozing out my ears while I sleep.  I can’t be sure.

Maybe I should seriously think about writing during the day when it is more fresh in my mind.


Tonight Kalli had her first gymnastics class at our local YMCA.  She loved it.  Parents weren’t allowed in, which was hard because I like to watch (and take pictures)

When she came out I asked if she wanted to go to gymnastics again she said, “YES!  The next class is next week.”

I think that means it is a hit.  I’m hoping that this will help with balance and give her something that will keep her active.  This is something I’m trying to do for both my girls. Find something that will keep them active and fit.

Andy and myself are also working on this.  Motivation seems to be a problem, but we want to become role models for the girls and to be healthier so that we will be there to see them grow and change.  Graduations, weddings, grandkids, being there for mental, emotional, and physical support.  These are all things we want to be around for.  We know that at the rate we are going this may be a goal that we won’t succeed in.  Therefore we are trying to make those changes now.

Tonight my friend, Heather, and I went to our first ever ‘Step’ class.  It was….  intense.  Not only were  you going up and down on a step getting no where whatsoever but you were also trying to keep in step with the teacher and all the old pros.  Also, they kept changing the step-dance we were trying to keep up with.  I’d do good for a little bit and then they’d throw a new step in and I’d walk in place trying to figure out what they were doing now.  From time to time I’d look over to Heather who looked just as lost as I was.

We did our best though and made it through the first half.  We left after the first half.  Sure, that may seem like we gave up, but in reality we were getting sore and didn’t want to overdo it.  We are really thinking about doing the first half of the class for a while until we get the hang of the ‘dance’ and then can stay the entire time.  Work ourselves into this.  We are also looking at doing a class that is called ‘Waterworks’.  It is exercising in the water using the water’s resistance to get your heart rate up, and resistance training to get those muscles pumped up some.

I’m hoping that this is the beginning of a routine and better overall health.  Now to get Andy to the Y more often.


Tonight I braved the chilly night and took some pictures out in the fresh snow that Mother Nature graced us with (have I mentioned that I hate Mother Nature?)

Our rooftop.  With lots of snow.  Icky white snow.

This plant seems to be treading water (er… snow)
trying to keep it’s head above the snow

These pictures were both taken with my tripod in the dark.  I’m happy with them. 

I hope to get some writing done tomorrow to post on here.  Hopefully I don’t forget to do it.  Brain…mushed…oozing onto pillow.

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