Utter Randomness

Did you know that it is hard to come up with things that post worthy about your day to day life?  Especially when censoring comes into play and the fact that my life really isn’t so exciting.  It’s pretty much the same over and over.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

There have been a few things that I have wanted to post about, but by the end of the night I’m tired and hurting so sitting at the computer is the last thing I’ve wanted to do.  The BPAP (Body Parts Against Paula) is back in session and I’m in pain from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed everyday.  My low back and right hip just scream all day.  It is, honestly, pretty annoying.  Changing positions does nothing and nothing over the counter has touched the pain.  I went in for a physical last week and have been scheduled to be evaluated by physical therapy to see what they say.  (side note: the last physical was in 2009…I take good care of myself like that)


My living room has become just a little more homey.  This past weekend Kelli finished up a valance for me and my cousin, Matt, installed it for me.  I love it.  It pulls the room together and makes it feel more like a complete home.  Check out Kelli’s handiwork!

Thank you Kelli!


Kalli story:

Two weeks ago Cassie informed me that Kalli told her that she couldn’t hear out of her left ear and that things sounded funny in her right ear. (yeah for big sisters!)

We had noticed that she didn’t respond like usual when she wasn’t looking at you.  I just thought she was getting good at ignoring me.

I took her in and she had some wax removed and a hearing test done.  She failed the test in the left ear and didn’t do well on the right ear either.  When they checked if her ear drum moved when air was blown at it, the left ear flat lined.  No movement at all.  The right one had a little movement, but not what was near normal.

Kalli was put on nasal spray for two weeks in hopes that the Eustachian tubes were just plugged and that clearing them out would bring back her hearing.

Today we went in for her check up and she passed her hearing test for both ears.  She still doesn’t have normal movement of the ear drum in the right ear, but hopefully that will come back over time.  It’s nice to know that now when she doesn’t answer, she is just ignoring me.  Honestly, she doesn’t ignore me hardly at all.  She is a good little girl.  It is Cassie that does the ignoring.  I’m kidding.  Sorta.


Kalli has also been spending a lot of her time hanging out on the couch.  She seems more tired lately and just not completely up to snuff.  Here is a picture of how she spends some of her time…on the couch relaxing with Zoe and Lightning.

Kalli also has started gymnastics.  She adores it and is excited to go and then spends the remainder of the evening telling us what she did and how much she loves it.

Of course she poses.  She doesn’t know any other way to be in a photo.


Cassie is doing well.  We’re finally getting a little organization in place in her life.  Don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but organization is something she really needs to work on.

All of a sudden it feels like she is so much older then she really is.  She is growing up too quickly and maturing too fast.  Some days it is like she is a little adult and then others it is like she is still my little girl.  Things change so quickly.

I’m just trying to enjoy some of it as it happens.

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