Lesson for today: being over flexible is bad

Body Parts against Paula (BPAP) is in operation again.  It seems that my extreme flexibility at a young age has done damage to me.  When I was younger I could do things that no one else could.  I now know that I was actually hyper-flexible which means that my joints and tendons didn’t stop when they should.  I used to sit and watch tv with my ankles behind my head.  I’d pull my feet on top of the opposite leg (sorta pretzel-legged) and then walk on my knees.  Sure I was odd…but it was fun, I could do it, and it felt good to be so flexible.

While I’ve had lots of low back pain and hip pain for years, it has gotten increasingly painful and there doesn’t seem to be any comfort in sight.  Back around the time I had Cassie, I found out that I have arthritis and bone spurs in my low back and hips.  At the point that I’m at now, I am in pain from the time I wake up until I can finally fall asleep.

I’ve just started going to physical therapy again to see if we can alleviate any of the pain.  I did find out from the therapist that I’m still very hyper-flexible.  It seems that my elbows and knees hyper-extend.  And (I knew this already) my hips and shoulders don’t like to stay in socket at all.  If therapy doesn’t help much I may cry.

Then, because BPAP wasn’t doing enough, a couple days ago I started to get sick.  Now I’m in full blown head cold and miserable with it.  I keep waiting for my cheekbones and eye sockets to give under the pressure and crack.

Kalli had a small head cold about a week ago.  Then Cassie got it and had headaches with it.  Now I have it and I want someone to drill holes into my sinuses to relieve some of the pressure.  And because we are a sharing family, Andy started sneezing and blowing this morning.  I’m hoping that this will pass quickly and we will all be back to being mostly healthy.


Update to my working out at the YMCA:  I am still going at least 3 times a week to the Y.  Once on Mondays while Kalli is at gymnastics and then Tuesday and Thursdays for Waterworks.  This is a cardio/strength class that is held in the water.  I love it.

I usually have sore muscles the next day, but it is confirmation that I used those muscles and did some good.  I’m enjoying my time at the Y and feel good about getting there to exercise.  Now if I could shake this head cold quickly, I’d feel even better.


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