March 22, 2011

We are finally getting over a cold/virus that made its way through our family and along the way warped itself.

It started with Kalli as a mere head cold.  Next in line, Cassie got it and along with it had headaches.  Of course, without fail, it was my turn then and I endured sinus pressure that left me literally in tears.  I kept waiting for the cracking of my cheek bones and I asked for someone to drill holes in my forehead to allow the pressure to escape.  Lastly, Andy took his turn.  His turn involved a 102.7 fever, lots of sleeping, congestion, and misery.  Oh, and at the end, adenoids that swelled so badly that I could tell that they were swollen just by looking at him.  They were either very swollen or his neck had gained some serious weight.

Zoe, around this time had her spaying and such.  This meant that she was going with the whole flow of laying around just maintaining.  And by maintaining I mean that we were just breathing.  Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

Zoe completely dislikes her “cone of shame”.  Today, while we were gone, somehow she got it off while in her cage and chewed it up some.  It is not her friend.


Last week we had to make a trip to Milwaukee for an appointment for Cassie.  My mom, Cassie, Kalli, and I headed down before the sun was up.  Which, for anyone that knows me, is an outrageous time to be up.  I am NOT a morning person and never plan to be.

While at Children’s Hospital we were going over the sky walk between the clinics and the hospital and came upon this construction under us.  I had to take a picture because of the words Kalli spoke when she saw this.

They must be making a skate park.  I didn’t even know that she knew what a skate park was.

On the way home both the girls took naps.  I was most surprised that Cassie dosed off.  She is against sleeping and only does it when absolutely needed.  When she does sleep she denies it and says that she dozed off.  I took a picture as proof that she was sleeping.  Maybe I should have recorded the snoring as well….


This past Saturday we held a birthday party at a local roller rink.  We combined both the girls’ birthdays and let them both invite friends.  It worked out very well as we ordered them each their own cake and took time for each of them to have their friends sing to them and blow their own candles out.  We started out calling Cassie and her friends over for her cake while Kalli and her friends continued skating and running around.

Then, while Cassie’s friends finished eating, we had Kalli and her friends come to do her cake.  Then we had Cassie and her friends come back and open Cassie’s gifts.  Lastly, it was Kalli’s turn with gifts.

Both the girls had a blast and the party was a hit.  I’m hoping this got me points as the “cool mom”.  Before everyone started heading out, I borrowed the microphone and had both the girls say thank you to everyone for coming and that they hoped everyone had a good time.

Now, what to do for next year. 🙂

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