March 26, 2009

We had grass.  Lots of it.  Like our whole yard full.  There was no snow left in our yard.  And it was awesome.  It felt like Spring was finally here and that my life was better as I could suck up some extra vitamin D.

Then snow storm Francesca moved in.  And I have to say that I didn’t appreciate Francesca.  She pounded down on us and left us with over a foot of snow.  This left me very unhappy.  I do not like snow whatsoever.  Sure it can be pretty to look at.  But when I look at it all I can think about it the fact that I’m going to have to snow blow, shovel, and possibly drive on and in the ick.

I did try to get past the ick factor and headed outside after most of the snow had already fallen to take some pictures.  Trying to see the picturesque part of Winter is what makes it bearable for me.  And even that is a stretch.

The branches of this tree were knocking together in the wind and sounded completely frozen and icy.  It was kinda cool to hear, but it made me wonder how the tapping of the Maple trees were going.  Bet that sap is pretty slow moving.

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