Sleepless in Wisconsin

I’m having this issue with energy. It’s been going on for a while and it is slowly driving me insane.
The problem is that I hate mornings, I have no energy or ambition during the day, and once the clock hits 8:00pm my body magically gets tons of energy and it is hard to stop and go to bed.
Sure I’m tired…or at least part my brain is. My body, however, is ready to go and wants to get some stuff done. For some reason I can’t get my brain and body on the same page.
For example, it is almost 3:00 in the morning right now and I can’t sleep. I keep thinking of things I could be doing and things I could be accomplishing. My body is yelling “let’s get something checked off your long list”. Yet that one part of my brain is telling me to try to get some rest because I’m a mom and when you are a mom you don’t really get to sleep all day just because you didn’t sleep at night.
My brain is making mental lists of things that should be done. This list will be partially forgotten by the time I do get up in the morning though and tomorrow night I will again be making a mental list. And I’m already a list maker, writing things down throughout the day.
My body is willing me to get up and do some laundry; clean up the basement; get my craft area back to operational; go through our storage area and the kids toys looking for items for this Spring’s rummage sale; do dishes; straighten, dust, and vacuum kitchen and living room; clean bathrooms; clean our bedroom (though Andy is sleeping and more then likely wouldn’t appreciate me cleaning in here); and try to get some projects completed…you know, the projects that keep getting pushed to the back burner and therefore never seem to get accomplished.
So much to do and yet I know I should be sleeping. I even have Ambien for nights like tonight but at this point it’s too late to take any because I need at least 6 hours of sleep to not feel groggy in the morning.
I wonder if I got up and did a few little things if then my body would become more tired and finally sleep. What if I get up though and I don’t get more tired and instead don’t sleep at all? What if I’m still awake when Andy gets up? I have stuff to do tomorrow and need to be able to operate.
Does anyone out there have a body that likes nights or insomnia like this? What do you do? Do you just get up or do you fight to get some sleep?
Here’s to hoping sleep finds me soon.

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