Here lies the post that could of been.  It is the post that I have written out on paper and was going to type up tonight after the girls went to bed.  It is the post everyone has been waiting for.

It lies here not being typed because of what happens when a warm front meets a cold front.  Yes, folks, severe weather has kept the post from being posted.

Pretty much all day we’ve been under a tornado watch.  Warm humid weather that cooled off quickly after some rain does that ’round these parts.

Tonight after sending the girls up to bed the tornado sirens started going off.  I called the girls back down and we sat down to check out the weather.

When I was young, tornado sirens were sirens that were yelling to me “Run!  Run for your life!!  You WILL die!!!!!!!!!!!”.

To me those sirens were horribly loud and they were screaming “DANGER!”.  Just thinking about sirens made me want to curl into the fetal position and cry.

Now?  Now it still makes me nervous because, unless it is noon on Wednesday (weekly time that they run check on sirens), I know that it means that weather isn’t good and could be serious.

Tonight I sat on the floor with two shaking and teary little girls.  I explained what they were seeing and hearing on the tv and, in the end, we ended up sitting in the basement for 15 minutes.  The sirens had gone off again and things were heated in the lower part of the county.

It was a move to make the girls feel more comforted and it worked.  After the 15 minutes they were calm and the tornado warning was over.  We headed upstairs and the girls went up to bed.

The weather is now calm and cooler and the kiddos are asleep.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get this post from paper to blog.

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