My Decision

Alright.  After letting everyone stew and worry for the past 10 days, I will let you in on my decision whether or not to continue blogging.  It was an April Fool’s joke.  Though, honestly, there are times that I waver with whether to continue.  Material is hard to come up with sometimes and life gets busy leaving days and even weeks without a post.

However, as long as you are patient (for the most part) and understand that from time to time posts may sound like I’m just rambling aimlessly, I will continue plugging along here at CasKal.


CasKal…. For the longest time I didn’t have a name at all for my blog.  I couldn’t decide what on earth to call myself.  Really? I’m not creative like that and to pick a name that I could live with for life-ish???  The pressure was more intense then naming my own children.  Sad as that may be.

Then I finally decided to go with something simple that would always belong to me.  Cas for Cassie and Kal for Kalli.  CasKal was born.  Or should I say that my blog that finally had a name.

Random little story, yes.  Story none the less though.


Here is the post I meant to do the other day and that weather interfered with.

The weather last week was actually quite nice.  It was almost like Spring decided to arrive.  Even yesterday when we had severe weather, the day was gorgeous.  Summer-like even.

Either way, I’m not convinced that this nicer weather is here to stay.  In Wisconsin it takes a lot to convince us that it is any season other then Winter.

Winter is the one thing that we are sure of.  Winter is obvious and undeniable. I’ll still boycott it til my fingers freeze solid and there is no going without my stupid, bulky winter jacket.

Winter leaves most of us grumpy, sore, and bitter.  Can you blame us though?  Driving in less then optimal conditions.  Clearing the driveway to turn around and see the plow drivers come around the corner filling the end of your driveway again. (I think that they get a secret thrill out of this and seeing people’s faces).  Cold winds that bite at our skin and children that want to go out to play only to ask to come in 15 minutes later.  All this can make a person quite cranky.

This past week, however, has been pleasant.  The girls have played outside each day after school until supper is ready or the sun begins to set.  I’ve actually pushed dinner time back to accommodate the extra outdoor time.  I love when they want to be outside.  Soon it’ll be, in their opinion, “too hot” to be outside.

Earlier this week I went around taking some pictures of the Spring-ness. (pictures will be posted tomorrow night) I found a park where a small bridge was under water.  This bridge is actually part of a trail along the East River.  Guess no one will be using this part for a bit.

I also headed down to one of my favorite places, Baird’s Creek.  Baird’s Creek is a local area that is my personal little heaven.  It is a woods that goes on for miles and has a gorgeous creek weaving though it.  People use the area for hiking, biking, cross country skiing, and other outdoorsy things.

I did some research.  Baird’s Creek Parkway is actually a 34.5 acre area of woods that is protected by the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation.  They recently installed a asphalt walkway through part of it to accommodate more people that want to enjoy the outdoors but don’t want to make their way on small uneven paths and around brush.

I am torn about this change.  Part of me is outraged that they removed trees and nature to install something so intrusive.  The other part of me is in love with the idea because I can now bring Cassie down there to enjoy the outdoors too.  Before Cassie was born, Andy and I went hiking down there quite often.  Since then we’ve stopped going because there was no way that Cassie could hike and a wheelchair doesn’t exactly fit on uneven worn paths through wilderness.  Now we can start “hiking” again and Cassie can join us in our quest to enjoy the outdoors. Even though I’m allergic to trees and grass and Baird’s Creek seems to be filled with those things.  There was a time that I was down there with my brother shortly after I started driving.  I actually had to sit down because I couldn’t breath.

Hey, I never said that I’m really smart.

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