A few days ago I was at my parents’ house during the day bonding with my mom over a shorts pattern.  Yes, you read that right.  I was pinning and cutting, mom was sewing, and I was putting in elastic waistband, and trying to be the entertainment as well.  I’m good like that. 🙂

After a while, my dad came in from putzing around in the yard and said that the pull cord on the lawn mower finally broke.  It had been fraying for a while and I had actually picked up a replacement for him in preparation for this moment.  See me…good daughter.  Well, I went out to look at it and he had started taking the mower apart to try getting to the area where the cord is located.  Then, because I’m controlling and love putting things together and fixing things, I took over.  I looked over the owners’ manual – which was completely useless.  It didn’t give any info whatsoever of what to do or anything.  Stupid manual.  Instead, I turned to the internet.  Google, oh how I love you.  We have a special relationship.

I found a page that gave me an idea of what I was doing, though it wasn’t even the same lawnmower.  I set out determined. I started out with putting tools our all around me. This way when I needed something it was difficult as I sorted through the tools trying to find the correct one.  Side note: I don’t know who decided this (I’m sure that the person was a complete idiot) but there were, in just the area that I worked on, 2 different size bolts and phillips screws.  Nothing like having to switch tools over and over.

Next I moved onto conversing with the lawnmower about why it wasn’t cooperating.  This was a very one-sided conversation as the mower refused to answer.  Stubborn machine.  I felt like I should have gotten out a bright light, put the mower in a uncomfortable chair, and interrogated it.  I could have even threatened to drain its oil or dull its blade.  I’m evil like that.

I did some staring at it as I problem solved issues that included the new pull cord not retracting into the spool thingy.  Yes that is the technical term…thank you very much.  Then I also had issues with the spring that retracts the cord.  It seemed that the spring didn’t want to stay in its place.  It dropped out and in doing so unwound some.  I attempted to rewind the spring and ended up with it either letting go suddenly or bouncing up and trying to tangle itself.  I’m sure it was in cahoots with the mower itself to make things as difficult as possible for me.

I did finally get the spring wound and back in place, everything put back in place with all the different sized bolts, and about 1.5 hours after starting I announced that it was fixed.  My dad let me have the honor of trying to start it and I was truely amazed when on the first pull it started up.

Who rocks?  That is what I said loudly over the mower as I threw my arm up in the air.  Yup…I rock!

My dad thanked me and went to cutting the grass.  I headed in to attempt to get some of the grease off of my hands and shirt.  I’m no girlie girl.  I got in there and got messy.  Yup…I rock!

I went back to helping my mom, who I’m sure felt abandoned (sorry mom).

The lesson of the day??  Girls can do anything and I ROCK!

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