Slacker 101

Tonight I was looking at my site and checking out what I had posted about recently.  To no one’s surprise, I’m sure, I haven’t posted much of anything.  In fact, other then my break down post about Cassie at her hotel overnight and my post just the other day…I haven’t posted anything since mid-April.  Even I’m disappointed in me.  What has happened?  Where has the passion to post gone?

Not even I know the answer to this question.

So…Looking back though there are a few things I never posted about.  Like Easter, for example.  I never shared any of those pictures.  I also haven’t done any post about the blooming of flowers and such around here like I normally do every year.  Also, sadly, I forgot a birthday wish.  I actually feel quite bad about it too.  Mainly because…how could I have not given a shout out to my bestest friend, Becky.  So here is a very belated birthday wish.  Happy Birthday, Becky!  I hope that your birthday was better then I am at posting about wishing you a happy day.


This weekend was a little crazy for us.  It seems that I like to pack several things into a little amount of time every now and then.  Just to see how sane I can stay.  Luckily, I stay pretty sane.  I just run out of energy completely and need more sleep then I can get.

It started out with Friday night when I let Cassie have her friend, Jazzy, stay overnight.  The two girls get along so well and Jazzy fits in so well that I don’t even notice that there is an extra person here.  Then Saturday morning I woke the girls extra early because I thought it would be a blast to have a rummage sale Saturday to raise a little money to aide in the remainder of the weekend and go towards our impending trip that we will be going on (more on that in a bit).  I usually do a rummage sale this time of year with my sister-in-law, Trina, but the weather has not been cooperating and it ends up that it was a good thing we didn’t hold the rummage sale this weekend because she was busy with Olivia who is keeping Tim and Trina on their toes with some health issues.  I’ll leave it at that, since that isn’t my story to tell.

Anyway, since I needed the money I held my own little sale and ended up doing pretty good for the one day I was open.  I had the sale from 6am-1pm.  Then I put things away and headed home for a 3pm party at my place with Andy’s family to celebrate Kalli’s upcoming birthday.  Full day equaled exhausted Paula in the end.

This morning (Sunday) I woke up, went to the grocery store, picked the girls up from my parents (where they had spent the night) and at noon I had my side of the family over to again celebrate Kalli’s upcoming birthday.  Not that I would suggest doing two parties in one weekend, but it is nice that it is taken care of now before we head out for our trip.

Tomorrow is my baby’s birthday.  She will be 7 years old and I have absolutely no idea where that time has gone.  I keep looking at her and the way that she no longer looks like my ‘little’ girl.  She is getting taller, no longer has that ‘baby’ face, and can do so many things now.  At her parties she even thanked everyone for coming without any prompting.  I have to say that this really makes me proud.  I feel like I’ve taught her well and she is on her way to becoming a very well mannered young lady.

And as I sit here I just remembered that I never made anything for her to bring to school tomorrow for a birthday treat to share.  Darn…I’ll have to do that in the morning and bring them in to school during the day.  See…parties and rummage sale have made my brain more mushy then normal.

I hope to get the few pictures that I took from her birthday up  tomorrow.  Becky made sure I got my camera out because I just blanked on taking pics.  I know.  For those that know me well forgetting to take pictures just isn’t me.  I always have my camera at hand and take pictures of everything.  Lately though I’m slacking…at everything.

There.  That is what I’ll work on this summer.  Stopping slacking and trying to get things back to what they use to be.  This includes posting more and taking pictures more too.

Wish me luck.

Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALLI!  Momma loves you more then all the stars in the sky and all the blades of grass on the entire planet put together.

Becky’s Birthday.

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