Overwhelmed? Heck yeah!

My desk looks as if a tornado has hit it directly.  In fact, look around.  That could explain the entire place.  A HUGE tornado went through.  It is tornado season after all.  Nothing seems in its place and I feel like running away from it all.  It is called “overwhelmed”.  And I don’t do well with it.  In fact when I get overwhelmed all I really want to do is sleep or run away.  I can’t seem to get a handle on things and I don’t know where to start so getting started at all is close to impossible.

So why is it I am overwhelmed you ask?  Good question.  It all, for the most part, stems from the fact that we leave for vacation in a week.  Vacation?  Yes.  I’ve kept it a secret from you on here because talking about it only makes time go slower.  Until now.  Now I have a week before we leave and I feel like I have a million things to do.  Packing, buying, cleaning, readying, aaahhhhh.  This in itself is overwhelming, but then I add to that the fact that the house is not in any shape to have, in my opinion, anyone in it to take care of animals or see it in general.  Also, it isn’t like my calendar is wide open to get things accomplished.  Did I also mention the fact that I don’t know where to start?  This means that when I do have time to do anything, I find myself staring blankly at things not knowing where to begin.

I’m trying to start though.  Today I started cleaning the basement so that there is a way for my wonderful cousin (who will be caring for my kitties.  Zoe is going to be boarded while we are away) to get down there to feed, water, and clean that darn litter box.  I just don’t think that other people should have to walk around or step over toys.  **Thing number one to accomplish over the summer with the girls – organization 101 and cleaning up after oneself.  It’s about time they learn that mommy isn’t their full-time maid**

I also did some purchasing of things that we need before we go.  Important things like sunscreen (SPF 50), motion sickness pills for my little Kalli-monster, and quart size baggies to put things inside of to contain them in our suitcases.  Still need to get a few things, mainly water-shoes for the girlies little tootsies.

Don’t worry…I plan on telling you a bit about our vacation before we go.  In fact I’m considering posting a little about it a few times before we go.  Look at that use of post materials.  Also, I’m going to do my best to post at night from our hotel.  No promises about real regular posts as I will be on vacation and internet is not free.  I actually will have to PAY to use internet.  Who agrees with me that this is ridiculous?


Onto another subject.  Kalli’s soccer games

She is doing quite a bit better this year so far.  Her running looks more like running instead of….whatever you wanted to call it last year.  She doesn’t seem as afraid of the ball or trying to get it.

We do still have issue with keeping focused on the game.  I see several of the girls doing things that are not soccer while the games are going on, but I find it so entertaining to watch Kal.  I took pictures for you to see what I mean.

We begin with secret telling.  This is just before we take the field so not actually while playing, but I found it cute just the same.  Who knows, maybe they are strategizing.

Then we move onto dancing.  It was warm out, so it wasn’t to keep warm.  No worries that there are other people watching…this is what I love about kids.  They don’t care who is watching.  Notice the goalie is swinging on the goal post also.  This is a benefit of being goalie.Then our friend notices and points out that there is a game going on and that maybe we should at least look in that direction.  Hello!

Time to do a little more dancing….

And cheerleading???

And some leaping.  Trying to get air is fun.  And then we realize mommy is watching and we try to pay a little attention to the game.

At least until we are goalie, that is.  Because there is nothing more fun then hanging on the goal and hitting that top bar.

She is cute though so you’ll have to forgive the fact that she isn’t completely in the game yet.  I’m sure, this too, will come in time.

This was Cassie for most of the game.  ‘Sure I’m here to support my lil’ sister.  But a good book seems so much more interesting then watching her.’

I have to give Cassie credit though.  She helps the girls warm up every game, kicking the ball around with them.  She doesn’t mind playing with the younger kids and doesn’t complain about being there whatsoever.  She is really turning out to be a wonderful young lady.

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