Vacation 2011 – Day 1

Or is it Day 2?  I don’t know.  We started traveling and got here yesterday.  We even went to one character meal last night, but that was it.  Does that count as a day?  Or is it Day 1 today because we spent 90% of the traveling yesterday?

We are going with today being Day 1 because it makes me feel happier.  Good enough a reason for you?  I thought you’d agree.

Today we started off early and headed to the “Bippity Boppity Boutique” where the girls were glamorized into actual princesses.  Let’s say, it’s something that will never be forgotten.  The picking out the extension color, the picking out the eyeshadow color, the look on their faces when they were turned around and got to see themselves for the first time with their hair all done up.  They were overjoyed.

We then headed across the hall to Cinderella’s Royal Table for breakfast.  Did I mention that this was all held in Cinderella’s Castle?  You know…the one that you see on TV and is worldwide known as “The Disney Castle”.  That is where the girls got dolled up, put on their dresses that Grandma bought them and then headed over to have breakfast with the princesses.  They were given actual invitations to eat with the princesses.

Before heading up to eat though, we stopped briefly to speak to Cinderella and take a picture with her.  We also had her be the first to sign our autograph books.  The food was royally superb and, as we ate, princesses were announced and made their way around the room.

First there was Snow White.  Then followed Princess Aurora, Belle, and Ariel.  Autographs and photos were taken with each.  I actually had each of the girls alone with each princess and then together as well.

While we ate we were given pictures of the girls, each with Cinderella.  A large print and 4 smaller ones for each girl.  I had not expected this so I was thrilled.  We finished up our meal and then we had to head back to the resort for a bit.


Once back at the resort Andy and I set upon getting a package that we had sent from home a week prior.  We had asked yesterday, but they said they didn’t have it.  Today we were sure they must have it.

We asked and were told that they didn’t have it.  We went to our room and contacted UPS about where it could be (NOTE: I didn’t have my tracking number as it was at home.  Oops) and found that we would have to call the UPS that we shipped it from to find out any information.  Cutting to the part about an hour later, we knew who signed for it and what time and date it was delivered.

Back to the desk to talk.  By this point I’m upset because inside this box were medical supplies that Cassie needed.  Supplies that I had packed some of in my carry-on, but was now out of.  I try to stay calm.  Guess what…I am not good at staying calm.  They couldn’t find it anywhere.

I’m almost in tears because I have no idea what we will do without these supplies.  It isn’t like you can go pick these up at a local store.  The resort has 4 people looking for this box now.  I’m still not reassured.  This vacation is a mess.

About an hour more later a woman comes walking across the lobby with a box.  My box.  I hand the box to Andy and I hug the woman as I start to cry.  I thank her and am so relieved to know that Cassie will now be taken care of.  It’s horrible to be a mom and to not be able to do anything to help your child.  It is painful to have that control not be in your hands and not be able to do anything about it.

I take care of Cassie and we head out again.  To Magic Kingdom we go.  Sorta.

I stop back and thank all the wonderful people that helped find the box.  I apologize for being “that woman”.  I may have even thought about adding them all to my Christmas Card List.

We get on the bus to take us to Magic Kingdom and part way there the bus breaks down.  At this point, it seems, that things just aren’t going to work out.  We now are just laughing about it. What else can you do?

While waiting for a bus to come pick us up, my dad starts not feeling well.  He is sweating and feels overly warm.  He goes to get up to move off the broken down no air conditioning bus, but can’t keep his balance very well.

We finally get another bus and I help walk my dad to the new bus.  He sits and starts to feel a little better.  Once at Magic Kingdom he goes to move again and suddenly he can barely keep his feet beneath him.   He doesn’t look good and that he’s burning up.  I touch his head and he doesn’t feel warm to the touch.

Long story short….ish.  Paramedics come.  Dad gets worse yet.  Paramedics take him with my mom to the hospital.  We are in the Magic Kingdom parking lot.  So close!

Andy and I stand there and talk to the Walt Disney people for a bit and then head in with the girls.  We have a good time, ride a few rides, see Monsters Inc Laugh Floor (which the girls loved), and have a little supper.  Then we head back to the resort to rest.

Once on the bus Kalli falls deep asleep in my arms and we have an uneventful trip back.  Thank goodness.  Andy had to carry Kalli up to our room and we got the girls to sleep before I headed next door to check in with my parents.

My dad is doing good.  The hospital did an EKG, a chest xray, and an IV bag full of fluid.  He has been told no carbonated beverages and tons of water.  His diagnosis is Heat Exhaustion.

So now I’m back in my room and ready for sleep.  Tomorrow we can sleep in some and are headed to Epcot.  It’ll be a much slower day and a day that everyone needs.  I’m also hoping that tomorrow brings a much less eventful day.  Here’s to hoping.

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