Vacation 2011 – Day 3

It is after 11pm right now. We just got back to the resort and I pretty much pushed the girls through the door and into bed. I did stop along the way and shoved a toothbrush in each of their hands and watch them make magic bubbles in their mouth before hurrying them to spit, rinse and repeat. Then it was clothes off, pjs on, under the blankets, and quiet now so momma can pretend that she isn’t exhausted.

Guess what though. I am absolutely exhausted.

I pushed the girls through their bedtime routine before quickly doing my routine so that I could come to the side of my bed and pour myself into it.

We were at Hollywood Studios today and Andy was in Heaven because it is *Star Wars Weekends*. For us laypeople this means that all the Star Wars Geeks come out together and play. There were photo-ops with characters, tons of speciality merchandise, and tons of people. There was even a game where they had kids come up and answer questions by raising a blue or green light saber. They asked questions that I had absolutely no idea about. Questions with words that I can’t even pronounce. (though I get caught up even with the word Tatooine) I was impressed when Andy would say the answer to the question before options were even given. I was even more blown away by how all the kids knew the answers. Were these children being given Geek-aroids? I think they should be tested.

We ended our evening with Fastasmic which is an awesome show of water, laser lights, and fireworks. Kalli was sitting on my lap during it and she was so into it she was talking out loud to me during it. “It started out like a good dream and then turned to a nightmare. I hope it turns good again.”

No worries. The music was so loud that no one else could hear her. I loved her commentary though and giggles to myself when the tides turned and Mickey stopped the nightmare by saying ‘this is my dream’ and the dragon started falling. Kalli kept saying, “I’m melting…. I’m melting.”

It was a good day, but also very tiring. I have pictures to share but no energy so far to put any up. I’ll work on that. Though, honestly, you may just have to wait til I get home to put them up. Or just watch my million updates on Facebook throughout the day.

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2 Responses to Vacation 2011 – Day 3

  1. TFewless says:

    You are an amazing mom. I hope people tell you that once in a while 🙂

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