Vacation 2011 – Day 4

Ed note: Yesterday when i wrote this post i put ‘Vacation 2012 – Day 4’. This should say something to how tired I am.

I would like to point out something about Walt Disney World. Something that isn’t in the commercials or brochures. It is something that Walt Disney World doesn’t want you to know. They tell you that it is the happiest place on Earth, but what they don’t mention is that it is also the most exhausting place on Earth.

We aren’t pushing ourselves either. Every day we start out mid-morning and then take like two breaks throughout the day. We don’t do tons of rides, but get to the places that we really want to see. For the most part we are taking things slow. There is no going from park open to park close time for this girl. Yet, we are all suffering from some degree of exhaustion.

I realize that the heat has something to do with it. Spending so much time in the heat has a way of draining you. Not having a regular schedule also plays into it. But with the fact that we are taking things slower, you would think we wouldn’t be this tired. Yet we are.


Today we headed to Animal Kingdom. We saw ‘It’s Tough to be a Bug” in the Tree of Life. We also took the girls on a safari ride. I took a ton of pictures and am hoping that some of them turned out good, but there is no way of knowing until I can get them onto the computer.

We made our way to a couple areas that the girls wanted to see, but left the park early to come back to the resort to relax and take the girls to the pool. You could almost feel your core temperature lower as we played in the water and I know we will sleep very comfortably tonight.

Tomorrow we are heading to Epcot for our second day there. The girls already have a few things they want to do again and then there are other things that we have lined up that we want to head to once there. I really enjoy the way we are doing things. We head in to each day with somewhat of a plan, but we play it all by ear. This is the way to do Disney.

If only it wasn’t still so exhausting.

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One Response to Vacation 2011 – Day 4

  1. Sara says:

    Glad you’re having a good time at WWD! Aaron and I were last there for our honeymoon in May 2004. I love Epcot’s World Showcase and Animal Kingdom. We did the safari tour first thing in the morning (first jeep out that morning) and all the animals were out. A rhino ended up standing in front of the jeep for about 5 minutes and we had to wait for him to move so we could continue on. Quite interesting.

    My brother-in-law has been working at WWD for almost a year now. He ferries people across the lakes from the parks to their hotels. He doesn’t get paid much since it’s a college program that he’s doing it for even though he graduated last May.

    Have a great rest of your vacation!!! Can’t wait to see pics!

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