Vacation 2011 – Day 6

Today we got a later start. Mom and dad needed to pick up the rental vehicle that we will be using in the next few days.

Up until now we’ve been using the Disney Transportation System, a perk of staying in a Disney resort. The buses are wonderful. You don’t have to remember directions, worry about parking, or get into a car that you can barely breathe in because of the heat. Instead, we stand a bus stop (sometimes for what seems like a long time…but that is probably because we are worn out by then), then we get onto a air conditioned bus, and relax while they do the driving. No worrying about gas prices or getting lost. I have to admit that it is very nice.

Back to tomorrow. Tomorrow we head out early to Discovery Cove. Here is the cool thing about Discovery Cove. You have to purchase your tickets ahead of time because they only let so many people in each day. Makes it sound exclusive, doesn’t it? While there you are provided with breakfast and buffet lunch. See – awesome place. Exclusiveness and free food. How much better can it get?

I’ll tell you how much better. It just so happens that when you are at Discovery Cove you get to swim with dolphins and snorkel and feed the sting rays. Hello? AWESOME!

Yes, that did deserve all caps. So that is tomorrow.


Let’s now recap today. I ready told you about later start to the day. Which I found refreshing. Did I ever tell you about how I despise mornings?

We headed downstairs for a little lunch and then went straight to Magic Kingdom. We went around doing a couple things that the girls wanted to do and then we headed to the Polynesian Resort for dinner at ‘Ohana. The food was delicious and once finished we headed back to Magic Kingdom.

Did I mention that we rode the monorail there and back? Did I mention that the monorail makes me nervous? This was my first time on it and the whole aspect of balancing a heavy huge train-like thing on a smallish cement thingy that is only a few feet wide just doesn’t compute in my brain.

Therefore, I spent a good part of the ride trying to stay in the center of the train-thingy to keep it balanced (because I was sure I would somehow break it and we’d fall to our doom). I also used this time to pray and not look overly anxious to the girls. I don’t think it worked since at one point Cassie looked at me and said, “You look scared.” I told her I was just nervous. Then my darling daughter took my hand and held it the rest of the ride. God, I love that girl.
All of my centering the train and praying worked though because I’m still alive. Go me!

Once back at Magic Kingdom, the girls went on the ‘Magic Carpet’ ride. A ride that is just like the dumbo ride but also tips the carpet forward and back. Super…just what I needed. And of course the girls can’t ride it by themselves so Mommy to the rescue. I rode with them. And I again prayed. You know, I’m not afraid of all rides. Most are alright. I just have issue with the ones that go up too high. These, of course, are the ones my girls want to ride. Oy vey! Luckily my praying again worked and I’ve lived to tell the tale.

By now it was getting late so we headed to our spot to watch ‘Disney’s Electrical Parade’ and fireworks. The girls loved both. They giggled and cooed over the floats and fireworks. The both were smiling and laughing and, honestly, I loved watching it all through them. They are making this trip so much more enjoyable for all of us.

And now, my friends, I’m going to pass out. It is midnight and I’m just worn out. Tomorrow…. DOLPHINS!!!!!!

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