Vacation 2011 – Day 8

Today was a very nice day.

We started it out later then usual and ate some lunch before getting on the road.  We headed to Cocoa Beach to let the girls set eyes upon the Atlantic Ocean.

Once we arrived at the beach the girls said that they wanted to see it, but then wanted to go back to the resort to swim.  We headed to the sand and made our way down to the water.  It took Cassie a bit, but she made her way though the sand.  (She decided that walking through sand is very hard)  We got down to the water and Kalli kicked off her flip flops and stood where the water would come over her feet.  Cassie moved so that she could lean down and touch the water with her hand.  The first few waves of water lapped up at them just making it so that they could touch the water.  The girls were enjoying touching the water and Cassie was giggling some.

Then a larger wave came and the water rushed over the girls feet and up to their ankles.  Mind you that Cassie still had her braces and shoes on.  I didn’t care.  She was laughing and enjoying the water.  Shoes will dry out.  The first time at the ocean is something that should be enjoyed.

We stuck around for almost 30 minutes before headed up away from the water.  Before we moved away though I had the girls put their feet/shoe prints in the wet sand and say aloud where they wanted to visit.  They decided that England was the place we should go.  We made our footprints and backed up some to watch the prints be washed away and into the ocean.  I then told the girls that we were on our footprints were on their way to England now.  The girls smiled at me and seemed thrilled with the idea.

So, what was the overall reaction to seeing the ocean?  Kalli was unimpressed.  I think that it may be her age and not quite understanding the size and power of the ocean.  Cassie was extremely excited.  She would have probably stayed and played by the ocean for a good part of the day.  However, the idea of the resort pool excited them.

Once back at the resort we readied the girls and headed to the pool for a while until the breeze got a little cooler.  Then it was back up to our room and showers for everyone.

Tomorrow we head to Sea World for all the fun that we can have there.  Cassie had trouble getting to sleep because she is so excited about it.

Overall it was a quiet day.  It was a much needed day and it was a very enjoyed day.

Don’t miss the short post that I put up a little earlier today.  It was a story I meant to put on the post last night, but forgot about.  Enjoy 🙂

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