Vacation 2011 – Day 10

Hot, exhausting, expensive.  There.  That sums up today.

The end.


Lacking in some flair? Not enough wordage?  Missing my wonderful sense of humor (which may or may not be wonderful depending on your taste)?

I feel like I’m running low on all those things today.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am loving this vacation and enjoying getting to do things with my family that aren’t available to us normally.  I’m trying not to whine (too much).

However, today we headed to Downtown Disney and it consists of stores upon stores so, as you can imagine, we did a lot of walking (like every other day).  We also spent most of the day outside or going in and out of air conditioning.  It is very draining.

Then there is the fact that I wasn’t feeling so well today and I started to seriously get over-heated.  I was to the point that I was putting one foot in front of the other, but didn’t feel like I was moving and it felt like I was stuck in one gear and I couldn’t go any faster.  At one point I watched as Andy, my parents, and the girls moved farther and farther away from me and I couldn’t walk any faster and I couldn’t call to them either.  I felt sorta stuck and I was holding back tears.

After what felt like forever, Andy looked back and noticed that I was quite a ways back.  They waited for me and I think between how I looked and how I was walking, they knew they needed to get me liquids.  Andy then went into “help spouse mode”.  He was in search of cold liquids and my mom said that Kalli was almost running to keep up to him.  I was walking at my slow pace trying to stay caught up and failing.

Andy was looking for somewhere that took our dining plan to get a “snack” of Powerade or another electrolyte aiding drink.  No one around us seemed to take it and being worried about me he was on a mission.  They finally found a place and by the time I caught up Andy had my drink and handed it open to me saying “drink”.  I sat on the edge of a flower bed and drank slowly.  I had a hard time getting the liquid down at first.  It felt like my lips, mouth, and throat weren’t working in sync.  After a bit, though, I finished off my bottle and moved onto sharing Kalli’s.  I noticed that I didn’t even feel warm in the heat of the sun even though everyone else was sweating.  I felt like I was past that.  I was so overheated that I couldn’t feel the heat anymore.

Once I had liquid in me we headed inside to air and rested for a while.  I started to feel better and we went on with the day.  There were a couple other times that I started to feel “not good” again but I kept going.  I’m stubborn/stupid like that.

At about 5, we stopped and ate supper and I drank and drank.  I couldn’t get enough liquids.  By the time we went to leave our restaurant I felt quite a bit better.  We headed back to the resort and after getting the girls to bed I took shower and before getting out, I slowly turned the water a little cooler trying to cool my core temperature.

I plan on heading to bed soon and getting some rest.  Tomorrow the temperature is suppose to get up to 97.  My body is not use to this heat, it seems.  Especially not walking all day in it.  Here’s to hoping tomorrow is better.

Oh…and expensive part of day comes in when you take into account that we got souvenirs today.  Things add up quickly.

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