Vacation 2011 – Day 12

Today we spent the entire day lazing around the resort. Mostly.  I did a load of laundry so that we would have clean clothes to travel home in.  Something about making strangers sit next to us in stinky clothes seemed wrong.

We also took the girls down to the pool.  Until it closed about 10 minutes after we got there.  It started thundering and then lightning and then they closed the pool.  The girls were disappointed, but there was nothing that we could do about the situation.  Instead we all took turns showering and getting clean clothes on.  The girls are actually sleeping in their clothes because we have to check in our bags with ‘Bell Service’ before heading out for breakfast reservations.

We will be having breakfast at the Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom and then spend a couple hours more in Magic Kingdom before heading back to the resort to be picked up by Disney’s Magical Express. (a service that can be provided when you stay on Disney property)  We will be then drove to the airport where we will head home.

Home.  Such a simple word, yet it makes me giddy.  I’ve had a blast here in Florida.  We have had a lot of fun and made a lot of memories.  It was wonderful to get away from our day to day life and see so many differnt things and experience new things.

It will, though, be thrilling to drive back into our driveway, walk into our home, sit on our couch, sleep in our beds with our pillows, and as sad as it sounds…get our animals back.  I miss our animals.  I miss their habits and routines.  I miss our cats, Lightning and Buffy.  And I really miss the girls’ puppy, Zoe.  I’m with Zoe pretty much 24/7 so being without her for this long has been very hard.  To the point that from time to time I get teary when I think about her.  Friday morning I will pick her up and we’ll be a family again.  Everyone back at home.  On our couch.  In our home.  Happy.

Again, I have loved these past two weeks.  And there are many things that I’ve learned about Florida and a few things I will really miss.  THose things will be revieled in an upcoming post.  Look at me saving material for most posts.  I’m getting smart here.

Also, when we get home, I can start going through my pictures and get some of them put up on here for you to all see.  Exciting, I know.

Off to bed for me now.  Wake up call is going to come very early.

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