Back to Life

Let me tell you.  It is wonderful to sleep in your own bed, on your own pillow, with your own blankets, in your own home.  It is also wonderful to wake up in your home and be able to get back to your day to day routine.

It seems that these are the things that are overlooked when you are home all the time.  Once you have been gone on vacation for a while though you have a new appreciation for “home”.  And let me tell you that we appreciate it here more now then we did before we left.  Even today, while getting some cleaning done, I didn’t mind the straightening, picking up, and washing.  It was just so nice to be able to do so without sweating my bottom off.  It was also nice to be able to sit when my poor feet started screaming at me too much.  They seriously are not happy with me still.

So anyway… our last day in Florida was a good one.

We started out very early gathering the rest of our luggage and calling Bell Services to bring everything down to Airport Check-In.  Once everything was tagged and accounted for our luggage was on it’s way to Green Bay.  Our carryons were checked in valet for us to pick up before we headed to the airport itself.

Off to Magic Kingdom we went.  We had breakfast reservations at the Crystal Palace where we met Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore.  Autographs and photos were taken, of course.  Afterwards we hurried over to get Jasmine’s autograph as the girls were intent on needing it before we left Florida.

The day was beginning to heat up so we headed back to the hotel to grab some lunch and wait in the lobby until it was time to be picked up and brought to the airport.  Fortunately, the lobby has a tv that is always on cartoons for the kids to watch.  It was nice to have them entertained while we waited.

Everything was going splendid until we got to our gate.  Our flight was delayed and this now left us with 9 minutes to catch our connecting flight home.  Looks were exchanged and fingers were crossed.  Would this work out?

We landed in Cleveland and Andy and I rushed with the girls out into the concourse.  Our plane was suppose to take off at any moment.  There was suppose to be an electric cart waiting for us so we went to the one nearby to be told that no cart had been ordered. WHAT?

For a short moment we looked around helpless and deflated.  Then a supervisor nearby told the man in the cart to turn around and give us a ride.  We loaded the girls in and had my mom and dad ride as well.  Andy and I took of power walking to the next gate.  Ok…I was power walking.  Andy was walking his normal speed of fast.

The supervisor radioed to the gate we were headed to and had them hold the plane.  Yes, they held the plane for us.  It was a miracle!  We arrived and quickly got on board.  I tried very hard not to hit everyone already seated with all the luggage I was lugging with me and got things settled as we all buckled and calmed ourselves knowing that we made it and were headed home.

Nothing ends a vacation like having to race to your connecting flight all while being worried about what will happen if you do miss it.  Will we still get home tonight?  What will we do if we can’t fly out tonight??

It all worked out though.  We are home, healthy, and happy.  AND…my big accomplishment…not one of us got any sunburn.  As the person who was applying sunscreen to everyone, I feel very good about this. Go me!!

And now to bed I go.  Still working on getting pictures up to the computer and edited so I can share them.  Maybe I can get some done for tomorrow’s post.

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