Kalli Bean and (some) Florida Pictures!

Today marks the end of the soccer season for my Kalli Bean.  She had two games today, one at 11am and the other at 3pm.  Fortunately, the games were held at the park directly across from my parents so we had top notch parking spots.  It helps having connections.

In Kalli’s age group they try to keep the emphasis on having fun and working as a team.  For this reason, they don’t keep score.  Well that is except for this one parent who spends the game “coaching” her child from the sidelines and scolding said child when she doesn’t do what the parent thinks is right.

(Side Note: I very much dislike these type of parents.  In MY opinion – they aren’t doing their kids any favors.  Being competitive is one thing and I believe that some competitiveness is good and healthy.  However, pushing children too hard or acting like a nut instead of cheering them on isn’t what I’d consider teaching children good sportsmanship or modeling appropriate behavior.  But to each their own, I guess.  One last point….shouldn’t you leave the coaching to the coach??)

Back to the main storyline.  Kalli plays her first game.  In front of one of the goals are huge puddles of water.  Most of the kids are a little apprehensive, but after a bit they are running through the puddles no problem.  That is, other then my Kalli Bean.  She went around the puddles and let players come to her when she was playing defense.  It was too funny as she stayed on dry ground while every other child ran right through the puddles.  I did call this ahead of time though when I saw the puddles.  I knew that there was no way she was going to have anything to do with the muddy swampy areas.

Second game comes around and the team does well again.  No one was seriously injured and everyone had fun.  Biggest excitement of the day for the kids… Monday is a pizza party for the team.

We’ve decided that this next summer we are going to try Kalli in baseball/softball.  While she likes soccer, she isn’t gung-ho about going after the ball and is very timid at times.  I want her to try something different and then decide what she likes better.  We can always go back to soccer the following year if she wants to.


Today we were at a gas station and Andy decided to buy a few lottery tickets.  He asked for a couple Power Balls.  Kalli starts looking around and says, “Where are the power balls??”  She was actually looking for balls.

I absolutely LOVE her innocence and how literal she still is.


I finally have the beginning pictures from Florida finished.  Sure it took me quite a while, but it isn’t like I can sit here all day to work on them.  Trust me I’ve tried.  Instead I work a little here and a little there on them.

Ladies and Gentlemen…please meet Princess Cassie –

And Princess Kalli –

To see more pictures that I have gotten around to uploading Click Here.  I’ll be adding more as I get them finished up.  I’ll let you know as I upload more by posting it.  Enjoy, my friends.

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