One of my MANY quirks

It is 8:00pm.  I know this because all of a sudden I have energy.

Without fail, every night at almost precisely 8:00 I start moving.  Cleaning, straightening, trying to find my desk, vacuuming, etc.  This is also the time at which Andy starts to look at me like I’m crazy.  He wonders why it is that this is the time of the day that I become the most motivated, even asking why sometimes.  He also tries to smile even though he is in the winding down part of the evening.  He does have to get up early-ish the next morning for work, after all.

I can’t seem to figure out what it is about this time of the day.  My body despises mornings and would skip them altogether if possible.  Evenings though?  I thrive in the evening.

I want to get things accomplished.  Andy stares blankly at me.  I want to reorganize closets and rooms.  Andy stares blankly at me.  I want to weed out the basement getting rid of things I don’t want.  Andy stares blankly at me.  Wanna help me look through and sort through pictures, crafts, artsy stuff?  Andy stares blankly at me.

I don’t give him enough credit though.  He does smile at me, look at me like I’ve lost my mind or have 3 heads, and overall lets me do my thing.  And he may even help a little.  Mostly though he is winding down for the day as I feel like I’m winding up.

As soon as I start moving throughout the house he says that he can tell that it is 8:00.  He even snickers as I turn into Susie Homemaker.  I don’t know where the switch is to switch my days and night but I’d like to find it.  You know, get motivated at 8am and then want to not stay up late and…. be gone, insomnia.

Now I’m off to finish up dishes.

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